A Trio of Hosta Leaves

A Trio of Hosta Leaves

This is beautiful Fiona, congratulations!

Great , Fiona. now I know where to come for lessons -have a kiln and wheel sitting out in the garage for "when I retire" Particularly like the colouring achieved - What glazes have you used ?

I love them, Fiona. The leaves come together beautifully to make a wonderful whole. Really like this. Bri

This is really beautiful Fiona. Didn't know you were into pottery. Is there no end to your artistic talents? I really love the texture and glazes on this.

Brilliant, Fiona, what a talented lady you are.

You don't half try different things Fiona - great result!

A lady of many talents... this is rather lovely.

Gorgeous work and colours Fiona! Well done you.

I love this Fiona. I thought it was a live plant in the thumbnails. I so admire your versatility. I had a try with ceramics at college in the 70s. I still have a thrown pot I made somewhere and my house in Cornwall is next door to a potter as well as housing lots of beautiful pots and sculptures from a ceramics tutor. What Im wittering on about here is that I love ceramic work and like yours.

This is beautiful, Fiona, lovely colours and glazes (and a Hosta leaf which hasn't been munched by snails! I love Hostas, we've got lots in our garden, although by the end of the summer most of them have a rather delicate lacy look about them.)

That's absolutely gorgeous Fiona, at first glance I thought it was silver jewelry you had made, a brilliant piece of pottery, you are so clever at trying different things, I love it 😀

A stunning piece of pottery Fiona. Would love to have that in my house.

You are lovely people, and very kind. Honestly I’m not talented at all, I just flit from one thing to another and never get very good at anything because of it! Lol. But, it keeps me off the streets! Thank you all, very much. Mike I’ve left a comment on your latest posting.

Oh Fiona that is wonderful! You are a real all rounder😀 Is this a new venture or have you done this work previously.? The colours are so lovely and very hostaish!! Lol... Super work indeed.

Lol....I’ve done one or two things, I like to have a go when I have the opportunity. My friend has a kiln, so when I get the chance and she wants to make up a full kiln I’ll do something. I attempted a Gunnera leaf but it was too large to fit in the kiln so had to scrap that idea! Thank you for your lovely comment Margaret.

A Potter as well, some folk just do it all.. Just watch out for ghosts...

Beautiful hosta - and not a slug or snail bite in sight! As others have said already, you are very talented.

Not a potter Alan but a do a cracking muddy mess! I don’t mind the ghost, it’s Patrick Swayze I would run a mile from. Thank you. You’re very kind Margaret, thank you.

Thanks Maureen!

Wow! Beautiful!

Posted by Janet Ng on Mon 10 Dec 05:26:22

Many thanks Janet!

Hang on Studio Wall

Not a very good photo of the size or shape of this piece of pottery to be honest. The leaves were done with the large leaves of the Elephant Ears Hosta.

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