Mmm -a bit of a puzzle this one Fiona. A hint of icicles on the right perhaps and possibly a seaplane landing in the centre. You know me -no imagination really but that's what comes to mind

I think the boats have made an appearance again Fiona, it looks like there's a speed boat in the centre. Lots of things to look at!

It’s fascinating, Fiona......I love the textures.

I think it looks like a Victorian farm labourer is heading across the fields to his his house on the the hill. He is carrying a bag of flour that he has just paid the Miller to grind for him. You can see the huge blades of the mill in the foreground. It is a strange and eerie night because there are two super moons in the sky. I can’t believe that this wasn’t immediately obvious to everyone LOL. Anyway whatever you make of it I like it.

Just noticed a third moon.It may be polarising, but it is still against the law, whether or not on private land.

All very credible Carol, I can’t make head nor tail of it.....thank you! Margaret, you could be right, I’ve done a boat subconsciously.....thanks! Thanks Ellen! Now why didn’t I see that Janet! Lol There are four moons Janet, there’s another hiding in the top left corner. 😂 Thank you for your vision.

I added a comment saying I noticed a third moon. I didn't write any of the rest of that comment. I am puzzled as to how the second sentence got added to my post. I didn't write it and have no idea what it means. Has this ever happened to anyone else.

Janet, are you using an iPad? Something similar has happened to me a couple of times but it’s usually a sentence that I’ve copied and pasted from a document on to another document. Nothing to do with this site, it happens when I’m typing fast and I must either press two keys together or catch one of the tabs and it adds the text into what I’m writing. Have you written that sentence at all, or copied and pasted it? It’s the only explanation I have. Must say it had me puzzled too! Lol😂

is it a cezanne? a monet no it's a phipps, spontaneous and experimental lovely I even perceive a figure walking in the landscape

Very imaginative Fiona. Certainly "landscapy" and I can see a number of things there.

Yes I am using an i pad but I have never written a sentence saying any of that or to my knowledge used a document with it in. I can't understand it but then I'm not that clued up on I.T. The predictive text seems a bit erratic. Anyway I will double check everything before I post from now on.

I thought I was looking through the turning sails of a windmill

Lol....David, yes it’s a scruffy phipps! I saw a figure there too. X Thanks very much Sandra, if you turn it from left to right and upside down you can see lots of different possibilities.

Very odd Janet, I’ll keep a look out in other comments and see if anything similar appears. Yes, predictive text has caught me out a time or two, putting me in embarrassing situations! Lol 😂 That’s the idea Janet mentioned as well Diana, thank you.

A beauty in my opinion Fiona

I like this, in my opinion, it looks like a view from my car with ice and snow, when wiper blades have been used. I can also see a figure running towards a helicopter, only problem is the wiper blades are broken , stuck the wrong way up. Lol.😁

Well this is interesting and different Fiona. Well done! I'm trying hard not to see anything specific in the shapes as it's an abstract so I'll just say as a piece of art, it looks good and as I think I've said before to you about another one of yours, I admire you a lot for trying out these different techniques. Art should be like that in my opinion, creative and not always too serious. Apologies if this is serious but I feel you had fun with it :)

Many thanks Dennis! That’s a good vision Lesley, I can see that, especially the ice and frost.....thanks very much. Thanks very much Louise. No apologies needed Louise, I don’t take my own art seriously but I do other people’s. If I get serious about a painting, or whatever I’m doing at the start of it, more often than not I don’t like it. Then I get annoyed at myself for wasting time and materials. If I just do it and have no expectations of what it will turn out like, I’m generally more pleased with the outcome, if not totally satisfied. To be honest, and I’m admitting one of my personality defects here, I tend not to take very much seriously. There are too many folk walking around with long faces, I don’t want to be one of them...lol...besides it’s good for your health, laughing, so I try and have a daily dose! 😂

AYes, fascinating is the word fo1r this work. The more I look the more I see !

Thank you Richard, very kind of you.

The title led to me thinking this one was more you having fun with it! I'm definitely like that myself and don't always take my own paintings too seriously. I wasn't really apologising either.. PS Is this one an abstract bridge? ..sorry, I said that B word.. :)

Have you recovered yet..LOL

Looks like a view of a loch ,with the green water and blue sky seen from a wildlife observatory hut, Fiona,very good.

Amazing what we all see, some great ideas....thank you Annick.

Fascinated by this one Fiona, I'm looking through an ice cube at a landscape of grass and distant hills with a lone figure walking across the field! :D :D :D

Lol.....I like the ice cube idea Keith, I don’t suppose this ice cube your looking through is nestled at the bottom of a glass of scotch, by any chance?! Lol 😂 Thank you very much Keith for taking a look. X

It's all in the eye of the viewer and I really like the view!

Hang on Studio Wall

20”x16” monotype on packing paper. I didn’t set out with any preconceived ideas about what this was going to be, just rolled the ink on and made a few marks here and there. I turned it all ways, and this way up seems to have a landscape - ish composition.

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