W.I.P. Still Life Exercise.

W.I.P. Still Life Exercise.

Yes very fresh-looking Fiona. Beautiful shades in those fruits.

Coming along very nicely, no mudines and definitely looking fresh.. You've also managed the colour of the lemon really well. Good job.

Thanks Carole! <br />Andre, this is the lemon that I was trying to get darker shades on, still not dark enough for my liking but I&#39;ve got cad yellow on my list. Thank for your input.

I really like this style of work, large brush strokes, no fiddling around, good clean colours also, you are excelling in these studies Fiona.

Great colour tones achieved in this still life, Fiona.

Great work!!

Alan, thank you very much, I value your support.<br /><br />Many thanks Chandra and Linda, much appreciated.

These little exercises are so important and yours looks very good Fiona. I love the brush stokes on the apple, they are very confident and the result is great. Once we get over Xmas I&#39;ll try to do one exercise like this every day for a month. Challenge?

Good bold brush work Fiona!

Lovely Fiona! Yes, very clean colours and I like seeing the brush strokes. I&#39;m painting the walls at the moment so no postings on here at the moment!

Oooh, a challenge. I accept Satu! Just say when, and what....thanks very much I&#39;m looking forward to it.lol<br /><br />Thanks very much Louise, really appreciated.

A very promising start Fiona, look forward to seeing the finished painting. I&#39;m up for Satu&#39;s challenge, every new year I think I&#39;ll try and do a sketch a day but it never happens, perhaps doing it with others will provide the necessaryimpetus.

Lovely simple study - comes off well.

Thanks Christine, yes I like the sound of Satu&#39;s idea, it doesn&#39;t need to be anything too challenging to start with but I must admit I have found this terms exercises very informative and helpful. I hope it will show in my future work in oils.<br /><br />Many thanks Michael.

I like it....a lot .

It&#39;s lovely Fiona and I like it .

Am currently on the 30/30/30 challenge, to paint 30 paintings in 30 days using 30 brush strokes or less, managing the first 2 parts the third bit is a bit more difficult, hence the 7x5. And 12x10s. A really good exercise that gets me painting every day and trying to make sure every brushstroke counts. Look forward to seeing plenty of works from you girls after Christmas.

Marjorie, Dennis, Val, Dennis, Andre.....thank you all very much!<br />Andre, that sounds like quite a challenge, good luck!!

Fiona I&#39;m replying here to your query on the forum about missing e mail notifications because, for some unknown reason, it won&#39;t let me reply to a post. I keep getting told &quot;page 404 can&#39;t be found&quot;??? I&#39;ve tried logging off and on again but that doesn&#39;t work. With regard to your notifications the same thing happened to me a few weeks ago. I told Dawn who got me to check the usual things, box ticked, spam folder etc and then she passed the problem on to the tec guys who couldn&#39;t find what the problem was. As I&#39;d had a small problem with my e mail address previously, but now sorted, I decided to try changing my address to see if that worked. Discovering that I couldn&#39;t do it from my end I contacted Dawn again who said she could only do it from her end which she promptly did. This seemed to sort my problem as I now have e mail notifications. What&#39;s slighlty disconcerting is that my news letters from POL still come in on my old address! <br />All this probably doesn&#39;t help your problem but at least you know it&#39;s happening to others as well so there must be a problem at the POL end. Off now to contact Dawn about my latest problem with the forum :)

Very vibrant brushwork, Fiona. Looking forward to the final product, which I&#39;m sure will be great!

Thank you for that info Val, I hope it will throw some light on my present problem.<br />Many thanks Seok, I don&#39;t know about it being great but I would like to finish it.

I&#39;m going the correct way through the gallery so perhaps there&#39;s the finished version later. Gorgeous brush strokes and the colours are beautifully rich.

Hang on Studio Wall

24"x16" Oil on board. After my 'Peploe' exercise last week, this is me trying to do my own take on his application. Part way through, there are other objects and I have yet to do shadows etc. I think, even at this stage it's much more detailed than Peploes work but I hope I'm managing to keep the colour clean and fresh looking.

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