Room with a view

Room with a view

good painting in a lovely muted palette. How lucky to live with a view like that.

Beautifully perfect in every respect Fiona i am amazed at your progress in oils it's now you giving the lessons. Lucky you in every respect Fiona. Gorgeous

There's definitely enough going on, it's lovely! Great brush strokes too - agree with Dennis about the progress.

I think you've got it right, and I'd leave it; great thing is, you can always paint it again. and have a play with the various elements. It would be interesting to zoom in on the mountains, for instance, or on that very well-painted tree. You could introduce a few features to the middle-ground - not necessarily on this one, but on a new painting - or even put in a path (can be a bit obvious). If in doubt, I have a tendency to shove in a few fence-posts - useful things, fence-posts... You were right to keep that foreground bush on the left reasonably loose and sketchy, because it would have trapped the eye in the corner if you had gone for greater detail.

Just right Fiona! I like your tones they are gentle on the eye :)

Hi Fiona glad we are on the same page for March!! lovely painting as always! :)Linda

Many thanks Harry, yes I'm very lucky to have such wonderful views....I have no excuse, there is always something to paint!

Dennis, Marjorie thank you very much for your comments, I'm encouraged to know that you think my oils are improveing.....I hope so!

Really appreciate your imput Robert. I'm still a little hesitant on the 'finished' or 'not finished' point, I suppose that comes with experience. I almost put a few fence posts near the tree but wasn't sure whether that would be the correct position for them, so decided against. But as you say I can paint it as many times as I like and try a few ideas. Thanks again.

Thanks very much Sarah!! Yes Linda, it's a great thrill to be on the gallery page.......thank you very much!

I think this has come out really well Fiona. I like it a lot.

It's lovely Fiona. Portrays that winter bleakness with a touch of warmth.

Many thanks Dympna and Kal. Kal, this view was absolutely obliterated this morning by snow!

This is a lovely painting. Calm and restful yet strong too. What a view you have!

Excellent work Fiona , it's a fine painting no need to add anything just leave it . Thank you also for your kind comment on my latest

Many thanks Julie and Dermot for your very kind comments. I've decided to leave well alone Dermot...I'll only go and spoil it!

From the quality of this and the fact you are top of the page, you can do portraits, in oil ....

You are really enjoying these oil paintings aren't you Fiona. You are progressing at such a rate! Wow!

Gudrun, honestly, I'm sure I couldn't but thank you for your encouragement. However, never say never!Lol. Yes I am Jennifer, thank you very much for your comment.

You are doing ever so well with oils Fiona now! I just found these while going through your page. I still find it a bit complicated to use this new site and I certainly have lost many entries but I'll learn to navigate soon. ..I hope.

What a view, my goodness, just going through your work to select one as promised, making a short list, this is an obvious contender! and that tree is perfect. This is first class in all respects, really impressed. Alan

Hang on Studio Wall

An addition to the 'room with a view' series, all the others were done in watercolour....I think, this one is oil. Still can't get out to paint so I've done the view from the dining room window. These hills form part of the Galloway hills, the one on the left is Cairnsmore, a favourite with hill walkers. There are a few more trees than this and a stone wall which forms the boundry between my garden and the first I've made the foreground up, I could perhaps have been a bit more inventive in that respect. Is there enough going on, or have I already fiddled too much?

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