Yesterday's Snow on the Hills

Yesterday's Snow on the Hills

Love this Fiona. The limited palette and the swift strokes for those bushes, and a few grasses poking up out of the snow. You really captured the scene well. :)

As always with your work Fiona, so little says so much, anyone who loves the land can and will see so much more in this the more you look at it, love it.

Lovely Fiona we got a bit of snow here in Birmingham but not much it went in a couple of hours thankfully. I love your painting.

This just captures perfectly that cold glow of light, bleak but beautiful Fiona.

Sparse but signifant marks portray it well Fiona.<br />You willhave a warm seat for breakfast

I agree with Marjorie, its so cold and bleak, dead wood and endless drifts, with just that glow in the sky to warm it up. Beautifully rendered.

A pleasure to see this vast landscape under snow, and what atmosphere you have captured, lovely piece Fiona.

Thank you Robin, any more than three colours and I usually make a complete mess.<br /><br />Malcolm you&#39;re very kind thank you. Yes I do love the land, there&#39;s no substitue!<br /><br />There&#39;s time yet for a bit more of the white stuff Dennis....thanks for your comment.

Marjorie, Gudrun, thank you ladies for your comments, it did have that coldness, especially that sort of half light you get on days like these.<br /><br />Many thanks Derek, I don&#39;t suppose that warm seat is next to the cooker?!lol<br /><br />Sharon, thanks very much! <br />Not a patch on your snow scenes Alan, thank you for your comment.

Love these crystal clear colours you use Fiona in your wonderful landscapes.

Not a single wasted mark Fiona - lovely piece

Many thanks Carole and Michael, much appeciated.

Wonderful Fiona, lovely snowy atmosphere.

Just spotted this Fiona. Love the bleak atmosphere but with a soft warm glow and that touch of burnt sienna in the foreground.

Many thanks Cesare, Jenny, Russell for your lovely comments.

What a beauty Fiona! Incredible emptiness, I love it!

Sorry a bit late posting, been away a couple days and there hundreds on here to get through, and boy are there some great paintings on the gallery at the moment, and this imo is one of them, beautiful in it&#39;s simplicity and so well executed. Great work Fiona.

Thanks ever so much Satu and Andre, appreciate you taking the time to trawl!!lol

Nearly missed this one - but glad I didn&#39;t. It really is a most attractive painting in your inimitable style!

This is stunning, Fiona! I really love the icy hues, tinged with just the right amount of warmth, the economy of lines and color, and the superb atmosphere. Wonderful work!

Thank you Lionel, Seok you&#39;re very kind.

Hang on Studio Wall

Watercolour 14" x 10" Arches paper, Old Holland paints; U. marine, B. umber and Cad. orange. Had to catch yesterdays brief snow fall, all gone today, apart from the very tops. Replaced by the usual grey mist today which has obliterated this view. I cheated and did it from the warm side of the window!lol

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