Tranquil Passage

Tranquil Passage

Just about to sign off and up pops this little beauty. So different to your Spring painting but just as lovely. That sky is fantastic and I love the two sails against the cloud in the background giving the painting depth.

Fiona this is really beautiful, I love those colours together also. How about 'Distant Sails ' as a title ?

Really lovely wet-in-wet and I think the colours work really well.

Lovely colours and the sails look beautiful against the clouds - sorry not good on titles!

This is so colourful and yet subtle, Fiona. Title: because I think seeing some people on board (?): "Not the Mary Celeste", but maybe just 'Sailing" or is that too simple?

Beautiful colours Fiona, lovely painting

Its so tranquil and serene, how about " sailing to peace"?

Watercolours not my thing, prefer oils, but this is lovely. I would offer the title "Pink Lady"

Nice piece again Fiona, like the atmosphere of tranquility you have created in this one, but have not thought of a suitable title----sorry.

I'm really grateful for all your lovely kind comments.....and some great titles too! I really like 'Pink Lady' and 'Distant Sails'. Thanks again everyone!

Very colourful sky and nice water / reflections. Perhaps the barge could be a little further in from the left but a pleasing watercolour.

I love this Fiona -so beautifully atmospheric and peaceful. Thank you for your comment on my Hazel Catkins.

Wonderful sky colours and the dark boat is very dramatic against these luminous colours. I felt the boat was slighty sinister being so dark against such a pretty sky. The title 'Dawn Raider' came to mind. Totally off the wall I know, but that was how it grabbed me.

Thank you Stephen, Carol and Thea really appreciate your comments. Like your title Thea, that's three in the running.

Fiona, this is absolutely gorgeous! I love your use of different media with such spectacular effect! The clouds are beautifully done, and the light is fabulous.

Thank you very much Seok, much appreciated.

Excellent, well controlled w-inw, Fiona, with just the right amount of har edged detail with the main craft. Lovely colour combination. Could, perhaps, do with a touch, just a touch, of very dilute raw sienna? best Mick

Thanks Mick, glad you like it.

Not really visited POL since New Year, so just catching up. Like Thea says, the boat is very dark and could be seen as a little menacing, but everything else has such a peaceful feel to it that I would call it something like 'Tranquil Passage' or words to that effect.

Hi Paul, thanks for your lovely comment and for putting a name to it; I like it, 'Tranquil Passage' it is.

Thank you Fiona for yooour happy comment on my Pears. Being a nosey madam I came here to have a look at your gallery. Its lovely, I cant think how I have missed it. This is a delight of a painting I did a similar one some yeras ago when on a Carribean beach well fortified with something nice. . I called mine "Red sails in the sunset".

This is very nice Fiona, I like the atmosphere.

you are a pro?

A pro? Goodness no, I've only ever sold one panting and that went against the grain. I would rather give them away. I look at it like this; I wouldn't buy any of my pictures!! Thank you for taking a look.

Thanks for your generous comments Fiona. I like your very direct approach; wish I had the same courage. I haven't seen all your work yet but I too like the sailing boat. How about 'Thames Barge under Sail'

Hang on Studio Wall

Couldn't think of a title for this one. I've tried a couple of new colours, cad orange & sepia. I thought they looked quite nice together, what do you think? Any ideas for a title folks?

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