A Ghoulish Appetiser


....when the Beans’ existence was finally revealed, King James V1 sent out hunting parties and the gang were captured and taken to Edinburgh, where they were executed without trial. It is said that the legend of Sawney Bean was a political propaganda tool against the Scots, by the English, after the Jacobite rebellions.

Love the sketch and the tale, great work Fiona.

Thank you Paul...lol. I’m practicing for Halloween 🎃

A gruesome story made all the more interesting by your sketch of Sawney Bean, a definite horror story for Halloween😱😱😱

Just the sort of story I like, Fiona. Never heard of this one. A nicely gruesome drawing. Wouldn't fancy them as neighbors.

Wow, Fiona, what a story. I like the drawing, it fits the story very well. I admire your fantasy!

Wouldn't have liked to meet this chap Fiona. Mind you, I probably wouldn't have lived to tell the tale! A really 'horrible history' and a very different subject to draw for you. Must be nearly halloween!

A great sketch Fiona, isn't some history really gruesome. But it is nearly Halloween.

Wow Fiona, I'm glad I wasn't with you when you drew this. Its terrifying!

Yikes Linda, Lewis, Mia, Louise, Lesley, Stevan.....a gruesome tale indeed, their demises were just as gruesome. I won’t mention the forms of execution here, they might make your eyes water....not pleasant. Louise, am I that predictable...lol. I’m thinking of my next ghoulish character 💀🎃🙀 lovely to hear from you, hope you and your family are well.

Very different for you Fiona and a bit scary for me!

Thanks Fiona and apologies if I've missed some of your postings here. We're all fine and even managed a trip to Seville to see our new grandaughter there who was born 6 months ago and because of the virus we hadn't been able to see earlier. Haven't been painting much though or even looking at the site much. Hopefully things will improve for us all soon. Hope you and family are well and behave yourself on halloween :)

This is just the beginning Diane.......thanks very much! How about an abstract Halloween themed painting?

Glad to hear all’s well and congratulation to you all, does your granddaughter have a beautiful Spanish sounding name? It would be lovely to see your work here again Louise....perhaps, a little something for Halloween? Lol. It’s the only time I get away with being naughty, Jules has my broom in the garage and it will be serviced this week...new plugs and points! X

He’s a fiendish looking individual Fiona. That eye! I hope the couple suspended by their ankles didn’t suffer too long........ Super little sketch and macabre story. The question is “who spilled the Beans?”

I like a picture with a narrative. Nicely spooky for this time of year.

Great story, great sketch.

Scary Fiona!

Fabulous drawing, I love neutrals & white on toned and a wonderful tale to go with it.

Wonderful, love a spooky theme. Read this story many years ago send shivers down the spine.

Thanks Michael, I’m not good at faces, real or otherwise I’m afraid.....that’s made it scary in itself! Ron, Denise, Shaun, Jacqueline and Hilary, thank you all for your comments and joining in.

You've been watching those films again, haven't you? Incest, cannibalism - still, they kept it in the family, and at least they ate well. Always look on the bright side.

Great story, great sketch,

I have Robert, can’t help myself.....thanks for commenting. Thank you Richard, very kind.

A sneaky looking fella there Fiona! 👀

Isn’t he just Carole, a proper rogue if you ask me. Thanks Carole!

Tracy, many thanks once more.

They spoil all the fun these kings do can't have commoners living like royalty can we. That cave sounds great and cannibalism well it depends who you're eating?. 😎

Whooohoo. Great drawing, Fiona. Informative as always, EEK.

Lol....thank you Dennis and Gudrun!

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Image mixed together from google images..mixed media. 16th century Scotland....Alexander “Sawney” Bean and his delightful wifey “Black” Agnes Douglas, settled down in a comfy sea cave near Ballantrae on the Ayrshire coast. Living a life of robbery, murder, incest and cannibalism they terrorised travellers for 25 years. In this time their incestuous gang numbered 45 and they were reputed to have murdered and eaten 1,000 victims. To read of their fate see it in the comments, I ran out of space...

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