Galloway Hills


Fiona, loveley colours, it's so nice to tinker, not to much though. So I'm.told. 😀

Great and unusual colour mix Fiona. Imaginative and great contrast. Like it a lot.

Well tinkered Fiona, I particularly like the mountains.

Thank you Lesley. It’s good to have a tinker now and again Lesley, you never know what you will end up with. Jim, thank you, I’m glad you like the mix. My favourite bit as well Paul.....many thanks.

I have started paintings and if they were not going right I binned it but good on you for using your imagination and sticking with it and coming up with a piece of art! Lovely Fiona.

This is lovely Fiona - I find it a bit hypnotic -must be the colour combination.

Your tinkering has paid off well Fiona. Love the geometric shapes and colours. Just shows you what a bit of persistence can produce.

I agree with the above comments, Fiona. Your tinkering is great!

I like this, Fiona, especially the semi-abstract geometric shapes and contrasting warm and cool colours in the foreground.

A smattering of snow on the Galloway Hills ,...... oh to be in Scotland now that August is here! (OK I know you started in January 😊). I like this one Fiona particularly the siennas. Well tinkered.

Oh I love this Fiona!

Its yummy!! The colours you have going on are just delicious. Makes you want to get up close to it to work out what's going on. X

Lovely colour touches and confident brush strokes Fiona.

Love the semi abstract foreground, quite imaginative Fiona.

This is lovely, Fiona, the colours and the abstract foreground caught my eye. Love the use of all the white.

Tinkering with it has certainly worked with this Fiona, I like the abstract feel and your use of mixed media adds immense character to your painting. Love it!!!

Added after thought, as we say in Yorkshire, get it framed lass and up on't wall!! x

Love the colours here.

William thank you very much! I sometimes have a look through old rubbish stuff and give it a facelift, doesn’t work all the time. Carol, how are you? Many thanks, be in touch soon. Carole, Mia, Roger....glad you like the addition of a bit of abstract mark making, thank you. Michael, I can tell you miss Scotland! We are having some of the wet sunshine today, at least in August the rain is warmer. Thank you x Diane, Shaun, Jennifer, Katy Jenny thank you for your generous comments, much appreciated. Lol....Linda it’s in’t drawer and will probably stay there until I have a clear out! Thanks very much! Thanks David, very kind.

Wish I could tinker like that !! Really like the fuzzy hint of trees.

Thank you very much Richard!

Lol....sometimes it works Gudrun! Thank you.

An eye catcher Fiona! Love the background hills and the abstract way you’ve painted the foreground.

Thanks very much Tessa!

The square brush marks make your picture really interesting Fiona.

Many thank Stevan, appreciate your comment.

Very moody. It's a while since We last were in Galloway. I like the freely painted impression of a great landscape. Your picture is drawing me back.

Thank you Frank. Yes Galloway is a wonderful lush and peaceful place to live, you should come and visit again Frank.

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12” x 12” mixed media on Waterford paper....watercolour, gouache, soft pastel and conte crayon. Did this a while ago, January I think. It stared off as a watercolour but didn’t like the result so had a tinker with it.

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