Dawn’s Daily Photograph.


Pleased that you have posted. This Fiona it a great little painting, and definitely in your style.

That was quick Paul, thank you very much. I wasn’t too pleased with the way the tree turned out to be honest.....are we ever satisfied!

I actually really like the gnarled looking tree.

Nice and loose Fiona. I like the foreground with those simple flicks indicating grasses and the strength of this brings great depth to the whole composition.

What a wonderful painting Fiona. Full of light in these dark days

Works well Fiona, has a good feeling of depth.

Lovely warm & loosely painted landscape Fiona. This is my second look and I really think I’d like to remove those big tree branches - bit intrusive. There’s a nice russet coloured tree behind which seems plenty enough to complete a fine watercolour. What do you think?

Loosely painted and very effective - the tree works well in the foreground Fiona.

I see that you weren't happy with the tree, it looks great to me. Odd that we're never satisfied. A fine painting.

The tree is good, super little watercolour sketch F.

This really is an eye-catcher, Fiona. So much depth in it and I love the tree!

Another in your distinctive style, Fiona. Lovely colours, and I like the square format.

Lovely touches here Fiona and, to my eye, very nicely balanced. Envious of that lovely loose style!

This is a little beaut Fiona, lovely washes as usual and I like that tree!!

Love the warm and cool colors Fiona that real feeling of depth, great tree and scratching in the fore ground, as Paul said definitely your style, nice one.

another delightful painting Fiona it's a while since I've been on this site and have noticed how you have refined your skills and technique

I like that tree against the subtle colours of the fields.

A lovely fresh watercolour Fiona.

Many, many thanks to you all for your terrific feedback on this, it’s very much appreciated, as are your kind words. I agree Michael, I’m going to do it again but leaving the branches out this time. We can compare to see if it’s an improvement.

Hi fiona nice to see you're still at it, very nice this. I have not been on this site for a while to be honest I'm a bit lost on it lol. There is speech 🗨 thingys now and all sorts of things. Just keeping my eyes on it for a bit before I use it again I think. Good to see some of the old names here. 👍 Keep safe and I'll keep an eye out for your work. I seem to get email from the Painters on line site.

Alan, hello! Good to hear from you and thank you for your comment. Yes, one or two changes on here but easy to sort out, I hope you will be coming back to post at some point. I was only thinking about you the other day, how you would have been looking forward to getting out to paint after your op’s.......and now, all this virus nonsense. I hope you and your family have managed to stay free of it. Happy painting Alan!

Hang on Studio Wall

12”x12” Watercolour on Waterford. Painted from one of Dawn’s photos on the forum. Thank you Dawn.

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