Finished.......I think!

Finished.......I think!

Trying out different styles is all about learning, and finding your own style that you're really comfortable with then persevering with that. A very nice exercise that achieves what you set out to do, and you've done it very well.

A lovely achievement, Fiona. Quite stylised in a way, and an interesting finished effect. I particularly like the fruit.

I very much like the result you've achieved, Fiona. Sometimes simply having the courage to try something different leads you in an interesting and often productive direction. Both the fruit and flowers have character in this composition.

I love your paintings Fiona, so much class and a great feeling to it. Love it :)

Thank you Andre. This last term of oil lessons has built up my confidence and I think that has a lot to do with experimenting.<br /><br />Many thanks Ann, Wib, Maria....your comments are really appreciated.

Splendid version. Good course you&#39;re on. It looks like you&#39;re enjoying it!

I like it, the fruit is really good and the flowers lovely.

Yes Fiona it&#39;s a beauty

I can imagine that you have found it beneficial, it&#39;s a good exercise and so well painted Fiona, you have finished it off so well, it&#39;s lovely work, you should be well pleased with it.

You have developed your own style Fiona but trying others is always useful and youhave nailed it with this smashing piece.

Turned out really well Fiona, I like the almost one colour background showing up the delicious fruits and flowers.

A very polished result Fiona. I like it very much.

Gudrun, Rachel, Alan, Dennis, Derek....thanks very much for your feedback!

Carole, Marjorie, thanks ever so much for your comments.

Wow, Fiona, I do like this a lot!!!! Everything works together in harmony, the colours are fantastic and the composition just great. I love Scottish colourists!

It&#39;s turned out really well Fiona! Your unfinished painting prompted me to Google the Scottish colourists which, although I had heard of wasn&#39;t that familiar with. You&#39;ve really captured the feel and colours.

It&#39;s stunning, Fiona! I love the bold, clean brushwork and hues.

Girls, you&#39;ve made my day!! Because it&#39;s not actually my creation, I have been struggling to see anything of me in it. Which I suppose will always in some cases be so....if it&#39;s a copy as such. Thank you very much.

Very striking painting Fiona, some lovely tones in there. There is an exhibition of the Glasgow Boys on in Holland at the moment which I hope to visit next week - you have whetted my appetite !

Definitely finished Fiona! A lovely conclusion too.

Thank you Sharon, I hope you enjoy the exhibition. I&#39;ll keep an eye on your work to see if there is any influence from seeing their<br />Sarah, you always manage to reassure me.....thank you.X

There is no end to your talent, Fiona. I find that I learn so much by trying different approaches. I admire the way you try out all mediums . . . . . . and suceed!

Thank you very much Jennifer, you are very kind.

I went to an exhibition of the Glasgow boys a couple of years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it and this painting of yours wouldn&#39;t have looked out of place there. Not your usual style but just as accomplished.

Missed this Fiona it&#39;s a beauty , I also loved the attitude of the colourists as it so completely different and adventurous , you should do more of these as this is an absolute delight to the eye :)

A belated thanks Val!<br /><br />Many thanks you will probably notice from most of my work I&#39;m not very adventurous with colour!lol It&#39;s only just lately and with oils, that I have started to use more than just an earthy palette.

Hang on Studio Wall

Not sure if it's a style I could pursue but I do like the colourists attitude towards using simple and straightforward mark making, and their idea of keeping colour fairly pure. I've found it a beneficial exercise all in all.

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