Towards Wigtown


Another spontaneous offering with good colours.

Superb washes in the distance running into the wet paper, the splash of orange is masterful Fiona, keep it up!

Life ,life,life...

To me the beauty of this one is it’s simplicity Fiona, lovely work.

Love the nonchalant way you have sketched this Fiona, it is not achieved without great skill.

Thank you very much Richard, it’s a quick sketch cause it’s getting a bit nippy for hanging around! Lol Alan thank you! I’m trying to get the hang of the paper in this sketchbook, it’s a very heavy Waterford and I haven’t used it for ages. Sylvia that’s the biggest compliment you could give me....thank you! X It’s what I try for the hardest. Many thanks Barry, I appreciate your comment. I’m trying to use as fewer brush strokes as possible. It’s so nonchalant Carole, I end up with fists full of hair! Thank you very much for your kind words.

Wild, windy and wonderful Fiona.

Beautiful and simplistic.

Cor it’s so cold in this piece Fiona. I like the sense of depth you have achieved in this sketch.

You’ve captured a good old wintry blustery day Fiona! I like your use of minimal strokes, works well.

Says it all, beautifully, with the minimum of detail Fiona.

Ellen, Carole, Dennis, John, Tessa, Marjorie .....thank you all for your positive comments and encouragement, hope I’m going the right way.

Thank you Paul, very much.

Essential sketching par excellence Fiona. Simple, bold, confident, unadorned, uncluttered and all the detail needed. . Nice work.

Beautiful loose style, Fiona.

Beautiful and loose Winter landscape, Fiona..I love it!

My feet are cold just looking at this. Wintery and beautiful. Put the kettle on Fiona!

Margaret, Cesare, Jim, Chandra, Michael many thanks for your smashing comments , it gives me confidence. Michael, no problem, perhaps a wee nip in whatever is your fancy?!

It just works Fiona and yes, you're going the right way!

Thank you for your comment Louise and also the reassurance. Sometimes it’s difficult to judge whether your own assessment of a subject will interest and please someone else. Not that, in the scheme of things it has to please anyone but myself really, I don’t go out of my way to sell anything. But strangely enough I do sell one or two. I like loose and minimal but you do want the viewer to see/feel something about what they are looking at. If that makes sense?

So many of us try to paint more loosely with our watercolour - you've actually achieved it!! Beautiful use of colour.

Fiona thank so much, you are very kind.

Hang on Studio Wall

Watercolour in sketchbook. Another wet view looking across the fields towards Wigtown.

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