Hay Field

Hay Field

I like this one. Nice and loose.

It looks like you live in yet another beautiful place. Lovely use of colour. It's the translucency you can achieve with watercolour that makes the oil look different; you're not used to seeing your work in oil. I like both.

Spotted this as one of yours straight away and so nice to see you back on the gallery. This is beautiful - just suggestions but you know exactly what the painting is all about. Done with a lovely light touch which gives an attractive freshness to the work.

Thank you Pat, Gudrun and Thea for your kind comments, much appreciated.

A mid summer painting, I can almost feel the heat on the field.

Love this Fiona, love the fencing details running horizontally against the uprights of the trees and the washes you have used, and thanks so much for your lovely comment on my Nelson Mandela pastel portrait, delighted you like him so much, thanks Fi xxx

Like it - great calligraphic touches and gentle washes which are just that: gentle but NOT weak or wishy-washy.

Lesley, Ros, Robert and Helen, thank you all very much for taking the time to look and comment, much appreciated.

Love the looseness of it Fiona and the nearly abstract approach!

Thank you Satu. I find it easier to be loose with watercolour than oils, I find I fiddle too much.

Nice loose watercolour Fiona. ?Try it again with variation in the height and tone of the two big trees. Just a suggestion!

Good Morning, Fiona. I cannot begin to tell you how delighted I was to get your recent message. It made my day! I have not been too well recently and currently have four medical appointments. But I am also under a lot of pressure re other things; I won't go into details. I had already checked to see what you had been up to in my absence! Not as much as usual, it seems. I haven't done much either. I did complete a commission in Spain, which I will post after this note. Love your recent postings in your usual loose and lovely style. I'd recognise it anywhere. Keep up the good work! Kindest regards, Lionel. x

Hello Alan, thank you for your ideas to vary the scene and perhaps make it more interesting with heights. I'm sure it will be repeated many times....especially in the winter, as I don't even have to leave the house!!

Although both lovely images I also prefer this one, compared to the oil study; it has so much energy.

I think I prefer this one too, but the oil is equally appealing. Watercolour is my preferred medium as I like the softer look. Good to have you back on the gallery once again,

Sorry Fiona, almost missed this one, how do you get away with trees that are that loose, they just work curse you, I envy you the response you get but its fully justified, it looks as if you are really enjoying yourself, keep it up. Derek

Beautiful in its simplicity, Fiona!

Hi Fiona. Thank you so much for your recent message. Like you I have not posted nor, indeed, painted anything for a long time. It's not a matter of health but of motivation. My health is not too bad all things considered but could be much better! Like you, I cannot trawl though all the multi postings. And have you noticed that Lin's verbosity challenges her excessive posting! This year has been, and continues to be a real horror story for Mary and me. Hope to get our many problems resolved soon - but cannot tell! Hence, a message from you is a real joy. I check the site almost daily looking for a posting from you but have disappointed of late. I'll keep looking. I might even start painting! Kindest regards, Fiona, Lionel. xxx

Hi Again. Forgot to mention that Mary's back is somewhat improved. She now attends for reflexology and for gentle massage. She also uses a gel prescribed by her GP. She should take it easy but too often the lure of the vacuum cleaner overcomes her better judgement. She was very pleased you asked after her! Lionel.

Excellent work fiona lovely and loose

Hang on Studio Wall

Two in two days, I think the heat is getting to me!! A watercolour of the same scene (-ish) I posted yesterday, which was in oils. I think I prefer this one over the oil. Old Holland watercolours; Manganese blue, U. marine, R. sienna, B. umber, Cad. yellow and a touch of L. red. Jackson's paper, rough.

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