Another practise!

Another practise!

this is a lovely loose watercolour painting :-) really like it :-)

Lovely washes, beautiful painting

Such a lovely warm glow to this one Fiona and those trees and grasses are just right. You have perfected this style now and I'm looking forward to your own creations. Can I ask what the make of paper is? You can whisper it if you don't want everybody to know :):)

another stunner :-). im really liking the old holland paints.

Thank you very much Rebecca, Glennis, Val for your kind comments. Val, the paper is (okra) handmade sealed cotton paper. It isn't from a well known maker, I get it from the same supplier as my sketch books. The company is called 'the diary shop' on ebay and it's sells hand made leather bound journal/sketch books...beautifully made. He makes the books with three kinds of paper, but this one will take anything; ink, watercolour, acrylics...haven't tried it with oils. If you have a look at some of the other paintings I've done in my sketch book in my gallery, it's the same paper. Hope this helps.

Another fantastic piece Fiona.I must look up 'diary shop'

Many thanks Hayley and Larry, really appreciate your feedback. Larry, a tip for finding the diary shop website, put hand made leather journal in to the search, look for the diary made by the diary shop and click on their online shop. Thanks again.

It's a wonderful painting ... I like the grain of your paper, too; how does it compare with Arches, I wonder?

I love it, almost nonchalant in its looseness and yet so perfect in atmosphere, composition and colour.

A really nice loose painting. I love the strong trees and the soft colours.

Well, what can a man say ?? This is yet another gorgeous painting, Fiona. The reflection of the sky in the water is a beautiful touch. As for basing your picture on someone else's, I wouldn't worry too much; you are not are simply paying tribute to their work by using it as inspiration for your own. Again, well done!

I meant, the pinkish glow of the sky reflected in the water.

Thanks Fiona, I'll certainly have a look on e bay.

and very much love this, so if it ok with yourself, ill choose this one :-), i think its the texture of the paper and how the paint sits with it has won me over, alough this has been a very very hard decision to choose of all your paintings the one i like the best! Heres my email ([email protected])

Very nice Fiona, your winter trees are much improved and the glow in the sky brightens this winter scene.

Lovely painting. Great use of a limited palette. Bet you are so much happier with the larger size without the sketch book crease in the middle. A lot easier to frame :-)

Love the contrasts Fiona, a lovely painting. I look forward to your own ideas too.

I seem to be a bit late finding this, Fiona, and it's all been said; another wonderful loose watercolour and for me what makes it is that glow in the sky and the way you've picked it up in the water. Looks like you and the new paper get along well, too!

Really nice painting, I love the texture this paper is giving.

Fiona, This stood out when I skimmed hrough a couple of days of "Gallery". Delighted but not surprised that it was one of yours! You've really come to terms with these loose watercolours - good aerial perspective, great tonal variation and excellent reflections of sky and foreground. By any standards this is a super picture.

I don't know what to say........I wish I could tell you how much your support and encouragement really means, especially coming from such talented artists as yourselves. A simple 'thank you' doesn't seem enough for all you have done for my confidence, but, THANK YOU!!!!!!

Nice picture and deserving of all the comments.All your work is full of energy and is always a joy to see.Notice you use Raw Sienna -it is a subtle colour and good with watercolour .Look forward to your next posting.

Many thanks David, your comment is much appreciated. I use quite a lot of raw sienna, this one is is the Old Holland dark raw sienna.

Beautiful work :)

Really beautiful!

Sarah, Lesley thank you both very much.

Thank you Fiona for your comments on 303 squadron. I love your work, I enjoy drawing but I am slightly envious of your ability to paint such beautiful water colours...

I don't really have the vocabulary to find other words to say the same as everyone else. Superb. I can't remember where I saw it, but you have now a pochade ...? I await your oils with happy anticipation!

Keith, I envy your drawing talent...I can't draw for toffee I'm afraid. Thank you very much for your lovely remark.

Gudrun you are very kind I appreciate your words. Yes, I now have a pochade box and I have been out with it twice but have come back with an empty canvas on both occassions........too nervous about painting in front of the public and each time there have been too many people about. Settled on a quick watercolour sketch to work into something later. Thanks again.

You are getting to be really skilled at this type of scene - beautiful looseness, beautiful subtle colours and then those bold expressive brush strokes to describe the trees. Super work, Fiona.

You are very kind Thea to say so, I thank you.

Many congratulations Fiona, 3 Top Tens!! You truly deserve it

Another stunning gem, Fiona! Your style has developed wonderfully.

I like limited palettes and this composition works very well. I particularly enjoyed browsing through your portfolio.

Hang on Studio Wall

It's actually a new paper practise, received a cotton rag paper and wanted to try it out immediately of course. It's the same paper that's in my sketch book and has a lovely grain to it. It's off white in colour so not so transparent....I can't seem to get transparent washes anyway, no matter which paper I no loss there. Its also a larger size so I haven't got that center of the book crease. The picture is based on another Steve next one will be ALL MY own. Old Holland paints; U. marine, V. brown, V. red, R. sienna and a little Cad. orange. Thanks for looking.

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