Re-worked picture

Re-worked picture

NO< NO <NO... not the bin. I see big potential here. I'm assuming the pink areas are flowers. Some negative painting of flowers in the foreground and gradually receeding to the back should help. Once you put some middarks on the grasses and flowers, the rocks wont' be as prominently dark. You ahve a good solid base, go for it. Only if that's what you want to do.

Hi Fiona, I remember this one. I hoped after mine and William's comments that you wouldn't overwork it as you know with watercolour there's no going back! You haven't, it's a big improvement and I prefer this. You've darkened it and it has more depth to it. The stream looks tons better. Chito's advice is spot on and he's "the watercolour man here!". You can still make the stream in the foreground darker, about a third of the stream could do with some darker brush strokes getting darker as it gets nearer, to show recession. Only my opinion. You mustn't bin it, it's practically finished. Take Chito's advice! If it goes pear shaped it's his fault!!! Or you could leave it alone but I don't think you will. It's well worth doing as it's a lovely composition and good colour.

Totally agree with Chito and Louise, Fiona. It's far from over, this one! I think the negative painting and recession will work wonders.

Practically finished Louise??? I thought I had finished it the last time!!! It sounds as though you are all determined for me to have ANOTHER I will, but it might be 'a go to far!!' Thank you for your encouragement, I really do appreciate it. Chito, could you explain negative painting, the pink is suppose to be heather.

So sorry Fiona,( I'm smiling as I say that! ) But you threatened to bin it ! We are very determined here and I'm enjoying the struggle! Seriously it's because it's such a lovely, eye catching picture that we're commenting. Don't mean to pile on the agony!

Fiona, re your comment, I find that both those items you mention help to produce loose , imaginative watercolours, hic !!!

It is with considerable hesitation that I offer my pennyworth. I like the overall affect that you have achieved here, Fiona, but, for me, the horizon is all too level. It needs for one of the elements to break through it; one of the three darker bits for example, (but not the smaller middle one).

Again , so sorry Fiona, honestly I'm not laughing too much as I know what you're going through! Poor you, what have we started here? I'm afraid I have to disagree with Lionel althouigh I always value his opinion. I feel your horizon is perfect, I love the checked design element of it. Don't reach for the valium yet!! I repeat, we're only commenting because its a good one.

Aaaaaaarrrrrrhhhhhhh!!!!! Only kidding........I am a willing pupil. Apart from art lessons at school I have picked up painting from reading books etc. All my bad habits are natural!LOL So any comments are accepted gratefully because that's how I will learn...especially from your experience and talent. So bring it on....I can take it...I think.

Hello Fiona, what have I started here? So back to the negative painting. Well, it's really just painting around the object you want to highlight. If you want to show a lighter pink heather, then paint a darker hue around it making sure you maintain the shape of the Heather floret. As with grasses, you can paint around the blades then do some dark blades on top. You gave me a challenge so I have painted a small piece ( 4 x 7 ") , inspired by your work, but you can still see how I painted around things. I have posted it and titled it just for you. ;-)

BTW, you will also notice that the detail and the solor intensity slowly deminish as it goes back. I'm sure you know all this anyway.

That foreground heather is brilliant and the rocks. As suggested just define a few bits of heather in the other pinks. The only problem I can see at all is the level horizon and a lack of variation in tone of the wall in the distance. It's a bit flat. Please don't bin this.

Think we have a new painting challenge here!

Shall we all have a go and post the results??? I haven't had chance to attack it again!!! That doesn't mean to say I haven't been thinking about fact I've thought of nothing else!!

Hi Fiona. I might have a go at an imaginary stream with heather, if you dont mind me using your idea. Don't think you should post the original photo though as photos don't go down too well here! Please dont stress about yours, It always surprises me how people see different things in paintings. That's what I like about this site. It gives us fresh ideas and it's good to see what people think of paintings that might otherwise sometimes get pushed in a drawer (in my case)!!

Hi Louise, understand about the photo. I hope you will have a go at it, Chito's painting is fabulous isn't it. I'm new to the site as you've probably gathered and I love it, I've already learnt so much......especially mentioning 'pictures and bins' in the same sentence!LOL Won't do that again! It has taught me to have another look at what may be considered a disaster. I never go back to a painting if I don't like it when I think I've finished I'll have another look at it. Or ask for advise from the site.....NOT!!!!Lol Thanks for your comments Louise.

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I had another go at this one, originally done in Feb after advise from the site....still not keen!!! One for the bin I think....

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