Unknown history, out of context with gateway


Lots to like here and that gateway adds a real sense of mystery.

Thanks Heather, the "mystery" description came up on a social media platform. Maybe something for me to work on.

What an unusual painting! I just love it!

Thankyou David. Having the painting singled out as unusual is a great compliment.

Fantastic painting Stevan.

Love it, Stevan, especially the foreground colours and textures (but where’s the moon?)

Emma, thankyou very much.

Hi Jenny, thanks for your kind words. Looks like I will have to start adding the moon again, you are the second person to raise th at in my last two pictures. I'm getting type cast I think🤣🤣😂🤣😂

Hi Stevan, don’t think of it as getting typecast! The moon has become such a distinctive part of your work, and it adds a lot of atmosphere!

I love everything about this.

Hi Jenny, I was only joking about being type cast. I actually enjoy adding the moon as I get lots of atmosphere. Thanks again for commenting. It is gratifying when someone takes the trouble.

Many thanks Diana, I always apreciate comments on my art.

Absolutely fabulous Stevan! The gateway is a master stroke of genius, it’s inviting you in to explore, but the atmosphere of mystery is saying, take shelter.

Thanks Fiona, the gateway and mystery are definately things to pursue. After previous comments im considering a similar piece but with a full moon. The only thing missing will be the bats! 🤣😅🤣😂🤣😅🤣😂 thanks again for your comments always incisive and I love superlatives😆

Reminds me of Michael Morgan's work.

Hi Hilary. I am heavily influanced by Michael Morgans work among others. Thanks for commenting.

Hang on Studio Wall

My second painting using the quirky building which I'm addicted to at the moment. Its amazing how different colours and adding a different element can so dramatically change an image.

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