Unknown history and out of context.


A very imaginative composition!

I can see why it interested you - another v good painting Stevan

Thankyou Diane and Heather, its great to get your comments.

Immediately recognisable as a 'Stevan'-painting. Super, love the composition!

Thankyou Mia, all artists aspire to have their own style so its really good that viewers regnise my art.

Striking scene and subject Stevan.

Thankyou Carole and Petraeus, much apreciated.

I miss the moon in your composition

Love this. Great composition and super texture. Love the way my eye follows the path up to the building.

Thankyou Romola and Christine. Just trying to achieve some variety in my art Romila.

That’s spooky, not your painting Stevan but the fact that I’ve just finished something similar! Lol. Not nearly as good or professional as yours I might add. In fact, it may be heading to the recycling bin. Love everything about this, especially the journey through the craggy textures to the buildings and the light in the window....or what appears to be a light.

Hi Fiona, thanks once again for commenting on my painting, I'd love to see your version. The "light" is coming through a window in the back wall of the open door, another quirk of this odd building which I'm addicted to. No doubt it will feature in other paintings, indeed I've got one on the drawing board😁 Thanks once again for your kind words.

I love your textures. Nice pic 👌

Hang on Studio Wall

I spotted the building close to home whilst out looking for new ideas and it captured my imagination imediately. I have no idea what its evolution or history is but the combination of shape, brick, stone, slate and corrugated asbestos just gave do much interest. The context is off my own design and I couldn't resist bracketing the property with scots pine which I love painting in my own way.

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