Scots pine seeking water

Scots pine seeking water

Love the split of calm and rugged here Stevan. The smooth calm sky, which sets the far trees off beautifully, and the rugged cliff face and tumbling water. Agree with Sandra, great colours!

Thanks for the comments. The colors are clearly the primary attraction but I'm extremely pleased with the fact that my style and concepts have scaled up. I think the far tress you mention Fionna add depth to the picture. How is the printing going? As a retirement treat to myself I've bought some Lino / wood engraving tools as I want to have a go at printing myself. I think it looks easier than it actually is.

I’m all set Stevan but I could do with more hours in the day! Got all I need to start the drypoint etching....the proper stuff this time......just been so busy. It’s a fairly long process and I don’t want to rush the initial etching stage, then there’s the inking up, then the rubbing off, then the actual printing. The printing bit only takes a few minutes......then of course there’s all the clearing up! Lol Linocuts/woodcuts are a doddle compared Stevan, you’ve started at the right level, as I did. I’ve also been looking at collagraphs, they look really interesting....and you don’t necessarily need a press. Give collagraphs a google, you may fancy a go! If you are soon to retire, you should have lots of time on your hands....HA! That’s what I thought. I look forward to seeing or hearing about your printing experiences.

I will certainly look up colour aphis Fionna. Sounds interesting. All that time associated with retirement is taken up with DIY at the moment but I'm sure there will be time in the future. Look forward to seeing your prints on painters on line. Steve

Love this :)

Hang on Studio Wall

A remote landscape with the pines leaning in to the water source. This a regular go to style when I just feel like painting. Normally I paint 12 inch square but this is an attempt to up scale the picture and it is almost 20 inch square.

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