A misty woodland


Love the colours on this one, Paul.

Simple, pared back, I like it

Lovely washes Paul and a great sense of depth.

So quick and excellent results Paul.

Thank you all so much for your kind comments.

That looks different, a challenge on such paper, you did it very well. It looks a bit like Chinese brush painting, very good!

Posted by Tanja G. on Sun 19 Nov 18:14:49

Spencer and Tanja thank you for your comments I appreciate them.

Sounds like a fun exercise Dixie and very effective.

It’s interesting that you do the paper by yourself Paul, it will make every single painting very unique.

This is superb Paul

This has turned out so well Paul, love the colours and the variety of texture giving the sense of distance

Thank you Tessa, Art, Rachel and Cheryl for your kind comments. I bought the paper Art , it amazing to use as every sheet is different in the pack so I select one that I think will be the best surface to use . The differ also in how much the absorb the paint it quite a challenge with each sheet .

Love this Paul, that paper looks amazing x

Like this Paul, lovely colours and washes.

Love this Paul, I bought some similar paper called Khadi, made in India. I'm still experimenting though. Lovely colours in this

Thank you Trevor for your kind comment. The paper I used was also made in India but I cannot recall what it’s called one whom it’s made by .

Hang on Studio Wall

A4 watercolour painting on rough handmade 100% rag paper each sheet is so very different in texture , so are extremely rough . This was painted using up the waste paint in the pallet on to very wet paper, when dry I use a bullet pen point drawn in pen to make the bolder marks . No more than ten to fifteen minutes spent on painting it and no real thought beforehand, fast and loose but great fun.

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