Across the fields


Lovely painting Paul. Different but lovely and autumn 🍂 feel. Ouch poor you! Rest up and goodluck with your eye.

Looks good to me Paul and I have my specs on! The foreground particularly caught my attention, very natural and I like the rolling hills and far tree line. It’s a winner for me!

I think it definitely looks more than OK given your eye!

Thank you for you kind comments, Faye, Fiona and Heather . The comment I had from my eldest daughter was you prat and that looks a bit rubbish, can I take a photo of your swollen eye to put on the family chat , you silly old sod . Oh thanks for the sympathy then and merry Christmas to you and all that, was my reply.

Like that a lot, Paul.

Looks good to me Paul. As said great foreground and distance.

Thank your David , Maureen and Richard for your kind comments.

I like it. Great colours and nice sense of distance.

In spite of your eye this is great. A lovely sense of distance and a very inviting landscape Paul.

Thank you David and Carole fir you kind comments.

I really think you have done a great job Paul and I really like the sky. I do hope your eye gets better soon.

Thank you Denise fir your comment. I’m sure my eye will be fine it doesn’t seem a swollen now , I have put a compress on a few time .

A lovely Autumn landscape, Paul - love the sense of distance and the tangled foreground. Hope your poor eye gets better soon!

Love the colours in the trees!

It's a good painting Paul. I like it.

Anne , Carrie and George thank you for you comments they are appreciated.

Looks good, Paul, I especially like the foreground. (Hope you’re eye is a lot better now.)

Thank you Jenny for your comment, my eye is much better and just a little bit tender , but I can see out of it now .

A good watercolour Paul. I like the lively foreground and the grass brush strokes in the front field. Good composition as well!

Hang on Studio Wall

24x32 cm watercolour. A partly made up scene looking across the fields near home . Unfortunately they are building in the nearest fields . I’m not over pleased with the result , I did the sky and distance landscape yesterday evening , today unfortunately my right eye ( my good one ) is swollen following an argument with a cupboard door ( well that’s what I’m telling everyone). They out come is I’m not able to focus properly, so I can’t tell what it looks like very easily. Sorry if it’s a blur I’ve posted

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I have sketched most of my life on and off I became interested in watercolour following a spinal injury whilst in hospital but did not follow it up. My eldest daughter bought me a beautiful wooden box set of half pans about twenty five years ago I dabbled on and off until retirement twelve years…

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