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Very good watercolour, Dixie - is the victim a snipe?

I do like your rendition of a perfectly natural event, Dixie. The hawk is wonderfully intense.

Posted by C Jones on Sun 02 Feb 17:22:45

Such a good painting of nature and survival, I've seen this happen twice, one was a poor goldfinch ripped to shreds and the other a blackbird outside my kitchen window, by the time I opened the door the hawk had flown with the blackbird 😟

What's more upsetting Paul, is those hunters with guns. This painting is nature. Another good one.

Thank you all for your kind comments. The bird caught is a woodcock. My intention was to show a natural event that happened thousand of time a day, I do regret any offence or upset I may have caused posting it.

You haven't caused any offence at all, Paul. It's a lovely watercolour.

Thank you Marjorie, your comments is appreciated and means a lot.

A fine painting, and nature in the raw.

Fabulous action painting even if the subject's a bit tough

Thank you Lew, Heather and Dennis for your comments they are always appreciated. Sometimes nature can be very brutal, and at others so tender, I think capturing it in any format is a challenge but quite rewarding.

Beautiful watercolour, lot of drama in the painting with just that pose Dixie.

Very nice Paul

Ha ha! Love the title but also the subject

Hang on Studio Wall

A4 watercolour, inspired by watching a sparrow hawk, take a pigeon, unfortunately I was not able to get a photograph. Sorry if it upset.

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