Leavening the misty Tyne


Super Paul, i like how you have faded away in the distance, i sometimes do this with a sponge...........sometimes too much!!!!

I really like this and I also like the way it fades into the distance, it really is a lovely painting Paul.

It does look very powerful.

" The fog on the Tyne is all mine all mine, the fog on the Tyne is all mine!!! " springs to mind Paul, great representation of the Tug boat, nicely done.

Lovely soft colours, Dixie - the tug and ship really loom out of the mist.

Nice painting, great subject. Well done Paul.

Thank you all for your very kind comments. I have not heard that Linda, are you from Tyneside, I’ve only ever visited and found the local people really friendly. I think the area had a beauty of its own and a lot of history.

This really good - one of your best yet - wonderful distance with big ship fading back into the background. Lovely.

Originally from Middlesbrough Paul, and "The fog on the Tyne" was a song by the group " Lindisfarne "

You have captured Ironsider really well Paul. You are right, these powerful characters are the nautical equivalent of Steam Engines but tugs remain iron workhorses to this day.

You have created the perfect atmosphere and drama to surround your workhorse Paul. Super !

Thank you for your kind comments,Ceri, Brian and Fiona. I know Middlesbrough, all be it from the inside of a fire engine, when I spent time there during the 1970 s fireman’s strike. We were not based in the better pats either, but the people were fantastic.

This is a very nice painting, Paul - such a good effect to fade out the large ship leaving the tug to take centre stage. ( And as an exiled Geordie I had to comment!!)

Nice atmosphere Paul, well captured.

I absolutely love your description and mirror the sentiments. Wonderfully painted quality of the early morning mist. Beautiful painting.

Thank you Anne, Gillian and Katarina for your kind comments.

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A4 watercolour steam tug Ironsider , on Tynesider awaiting the tow. Set in the mist early morning, there were a lot of turf on the Tyne with spider in their names, Tyneside, Northsider etc. I find these old tugs fascinating, they are not small but in comparison to the ships they tow they are, the power of these vessels is incredibly. It’s also the shapes and the equipment, a bit like old trains they have a dirty, scruffy look that is somewhat endearing.

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