Storm in the Reeds


Amazing what can be achieved by trying different methods 👍😀

Keep flinging Diana, love this!

I agree with Linda and Fiona: keep on going, Diana!

You are really producing excellent Abstract work Diana, looking forward to seeing how you progress.

The end result is free and imaginative too, Diana.

Beautiful painting Diana

Diana you never fail to come up with the goods!

Oh I like that very very much :-)

Hmm... must try it sometime! This is a great result I must say.


Great way to free the imagination Diana. Lovely.

I agree, great freedom, great therapy and great effects.

Love this, you can feel the movement in it.

Lovely, Diana - you have a very stylish way of flinging!

This is inspiring Diana, love it!

Thank you Linda. I think it’s beneficial to have a play with a variety of media. Thank you Fiona. I have a fractured tooth ( ongoing) and now an abscess above it so definitely feel like flinging!! Getting sorted tomorrow Thank you Mia. This is so different from painting a scene of object. Pure creativity. Thank you George. It’s a lovely change Thank you Ellen. I love the idea of freedom

Thank you Suzanne. It was a lovely, calming exercise. That’s a very appreciated comment David. I value it. Thank you very much Anjana. You know what they say about a change and a rest. Thank you Alan. Yes, you should definitely. Let rip!😂 Thank you Emma and Jim. I sometimes think my painting is too restricted so this was a good break out. Thank you Romila. Some good music and total freedom to explore the medium. Thank you Jennifer. I’m pleased that you feel movement. Ha ha, thanks Jenny. A stylish flinger 👍 That’s so good to read Katy. Thank you

I like it. I enjoy doing this type of approach - it frees the spirit. Unfortunately I rarely get anything worth showing. But I love the tones and shapes in this abstract,

Thank you Ceri. The main purpose of this is to enjoy and relax which I’m sure you do too

Hang on Studio Wall

Today I’m flinging water and just being free and imaginative. Great therapy!

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