Celebration 6

Celebration 6

Love the scattered light Diana. Those bulbs have a life of their own. Incredibly skilful.

Class work again Diane, amazing reality.

A delightful glow to this, Diana. The clarity is wonderful.

Posted by C Jones on Sun 24 Feb 17:41:37

Stunning - really well done!

Thank you Carole. I’m looking forward to a completely new subject now. Thank you Jim. This one seems cleaner than the others somehow. Thank you very much CA Jones , Im pleased that you can see a glow. Thank you Rebecca. I’m delighted that you think so. Maureen, thank you to. I appreciate your thoughts. You must be sick of seeing all these coloured bulbs. I certainly am !

Very skilful use of watercolour Diana you have achieved great depth of colour without loosing the transparency.

Another wonderful painting, Diana. Superb light.

Good morning Barry and thank you. That’s exactly what I wanted to achieve Hello Cesare. I like the darker versions but this one uses those lead in shapes better.

Agreed, terrific light diffusion Diana. You’ve hit on something rather special in this series.

Beautiful reflections of light, brilliant as always Diana.

Everything is superb in this painting ! Subject, composition and colours ...

Beautifully painted, glowing and eye-catching Diana

Fabulous as always well done Diana

Thank you Tessa. Something must have grabbed my interest to paint so many versions. Thank you Carole. I think this might be my favourite. Hello Gudrun and thank you ..I wondered if they would still glow with a paler background and they do. Hello Avril and thank you. I value your opinion Thank you Thalia. It seems so long ago that I started these before Christmas Thank you Margaret. Much appreciated

Thank you again Tao. You are so supportive

Spectacular as always Diana.

Hello Val and thank you. I appreciate you looking at yet more bulbs.

Just found this one. What a skilful magical effect. Stunning.

Hang on Studio Wall

Last painting in the series from a different angle. Another half sheet watercolour. Slightly different approach here with more detail in the bulbs and less dark background. This has s movh linger foreground

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