Late afternoon sun with changed foreground and angle.

Late afternoon sun with changed foreground and angle.

Another superb painting, Diana, you must have a great patience, in addition to your skill.

I liked the original, but think the altered shadows in this version are an improvement - they do not distract the eye so much.

I really enjoy looking at this painting too Diana.

This is terrific Diana! I love how you have managed the light and shadows of the blinds - and all that detail!

A brilliant painting Diana, your shadows bring the whole painting alive 😃

Super drawing and painting skills evident here Diana. Could be termed a kitchen drama, in a good way lol.

Wonderful Diana looks so difficult to do.

Brilliant Diana. I like them both, but this sharper somehow.

I like this version as it shows the diagonal unusual view much better, although your previous version was brilliant too Diana.

I like the subtle palette, the variety of light and dark, and the simplicity of the subject matter, though I understand the execution was far from simple. A good piece, well observed. Did youbwork from life Diana, or from a photo?

Hello again Cesare. If I think a painting has potential, I’ll have another try but virtually always , the first one is better!! Thank you Tony. I’m really interested to hear people’s opinions. Thank you Elaine. Tonight the sun shone on the opposite wall for a few minutes which may be suitable for another painting. Thank you Margaret. I darken my darks many times and am always amazed how much darker I can take them Thank you Linda without those shadows, the scene would be pretty dull. Thank you Dennis. There is a touch of colouring in in parts of the painting but it was very relaxing. Thank you Paul and Carole for taking time to give me your thoughts. I’ve enjoyed reading them Thank you Stephen. I love your title. Very appropriate. Hello Philip and thank you for your interesting thoughts. I didn’t paint it from life as the light show only lasted a few minutes. I did take quite a few photos though.

Thank you Carolyn. Naturally I can see what I would change but I’m not painting it I gain just yet😄

Another beautifully observed painting, Diana, although, like yourself, I think I prefer the first version - the light and shade give it an interesting semi abstract feel in places, especially the foreground which reminds me of some of Shirley Trevena's work.

Difficult to decide between the two Diana as both are superbly painted. Your expert handling of the medium is second to none.

I agree with you Diana. The first painting has a raw, magnetic beauty and may not be as accurate but it's sheer magnetism outways any of its minor flaws.

Absolutely stunning Diane!


I like this as much as the first Diana, both are beautifully executed. Super work.

Love this one too, Diana, but like you I like the first one even more...if that's possible!

i agree a superb painting

Thought I'd already commented on this Diana, but it's another and equally excellent. Seems a bit sharper and I live the detail in the sink bowl. Marvelous stuff.

Hello again Jenny. Thank you for getting back to me with your thoughts. I love reading what you think. Thank you Val. The more I look ,the less undecided I am. Hello Carole and thank you for returning with another comment. I appreciate it Thank you again Fiona. You made me smile. That a is important ! Thank you Margaret and Thalia.My Tutor thought the first one has the edge but he prefers the foreground of the second one.

Thank you Anne , I value your thoughts. Thanks Jim. I actually like the water in the bowl best too. No worries...what to tackle next.

Thank you Maureen.

Excellent work! Superb use of light and shade and reflections. I am envious.

Thank you Stevie. I regularly feel envious of other artists work. So much talent around

Awesome art, great depiction of light! I wish you a good week ahead.

Posted by Janet Ng on Mon 10 Dec 05:18:04

Good morning Janet and thank you. Lovely way to start the day reading your kind comment

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Both have their merits but think the first one has more impact. Half imperial watercolour

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