B&B at The Lizard

B&B at The Lizard

You've done a great job. Glass is not easy and thermo much of it in your picture. I think you can be proud!

Stylish tasteful and the yellow flowers sing Diana

You're too critical Diana, it's skilful and lovely - the roses are particularly well portrayed.

You've got the sparkle. Roses are very good. Diffcult composition.

Not overworked to me, Diana. In my opinion, perfect execution of the glass and a lovely composition with a lot of depth in it. Well done.

The transparency of the glass is magnificent Diana. It almost could an advertisement for a dish washer :-)

Posted by Holger . on Wed 26 Oct 19:35:26

Thank you Linda , I was disappointed with this one as the glass hasn't got the usual clarity. I'm happy with bits of it though . Thanks Dennis, I don't really understand why the colours look so dull. The paper seemed a bit odd from the start. I think its some of the stuff that I won and am not used to .............. bad workman/tools!!! Marjorie and Gudrun, thank you. I like the roses but rest of it is a bit disappointing . Thank you Mia and Holger, I'm getting more self critical which isn't all bad I suppose. Diana

This is another beauty, Diana, and a clever painting of a not easy composition. Your skill is testified by the window reflecting on the glasses.

You must have gone to specksavers cos your glasses are perfect.....brill.

The perspective in this is very good Diana, leading us to the very well painted roses, we need to be self critical but you have made great process in quite a short time.

Just an idea..some darker tones in the background which to be honest, looks slightly washed out on my screen. It's a beautiful watercolour, just lacking that sparkle that we saw in your 'Christmas Cheers' for example :)

Or, slightly cropped at the top?

I think it's lovely as is Diana :)

I love it. The glass is beautiful Diana, great composition and love the roses adding colour.

Its a beautifully constructed piece Diana, great perspective in the shapes. Perhaps the paper is not as white as others tend to be, so you lose some of the contrast ?

It's great Diana, I wouldn't know where to start!

Thank you Cesare . I'm re painting it on a larger scale to see if I can get a fresher look as I like to composition . Think I used non transparent colours too which hasn't helped. Pater ,I always know they are your comments before I see your name ..always good for a smile Thank you Stephen. I hadn't really thought of it like that but ,yes, I suppose I have . Patience !

Thank you for those thoughts Louise, I really appreciate your help. I'm trying it again and going to avoid non transparent colours and over layering . Thank you Sylvia, its one of those paintings that irritate when you look at them . If I manage a better re paint, Ill post the new one . Thanks Carole. The roses are my favourite bit . Thank you Sharon , You might be right . I have been using Saunters Waterford High White but this was different . Am trying again with the whiter paper. Thank you Russell. I actually started with the rim of the big jug.

Unusual and very nice, Diana.

You've tackled an extremely difficult subject with a lot of skill , I think the painting is beautifully executed .... Thank you for the comments on my latest and congrats on inheriting a house in Cornwall I hope you're extremely happy there and look forward to seeing some lovely paintings

Thank you Shirley and Dermot. It's so motivating to read your feedback. Diana

Hang on Studio Wall

Watercolour Saunders Waterford rough 1/4 imperial. I really struggled with this one and have really overworked it.

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