Yes, cows always stare at us, the legs area looks ok to me, I like the drips at the front and the grass with the yellow light coming through on the right, a beautiful watercolour.

It's a super piece, Diana, and I think the more subtle color on the legs highlight the faces really well.

Nevertheless you have caught the inquisitive looks, lovely 😃

Great composition Diana.

I love both your posts Diana but I think I have more feelings towards cows so this won my vote today! Excellent, fresh work as always.

Posted on Tue 06 Feb 15:14:48

Two crackers Diana superb

I love their faces Diana and I can't see anything wrong with their legs! Super work as always.

You're being hard on yourself, the legs look perfect to me! Another super watercolour :) How big is 'full sheet'?

And another the expression...typical cow looks & behaviour :)

The expressions are spot on Diana, I can understand your comment on more saved paper but it doesn’t prevent this from being a superb piece of work and at full imperial it must be stunning.

Another beautiful watercolour, Diana, I can't find anything wrong.

And another super painting

Love the expressions Diana and the legs are fine. Having milked cows for quite a number of years, they are close to my heart.

Thank you Annick It’s interesting to read your thoughts because I wasn’t sure if it had ‘worked ‘ as a painting Thank you Seok. I see what you mean about the legs. Thank you Linda. That’s such a loveable characteristic in cows. Thank you Carole. I have my husband to thank for the image. Thank you Ibolya. Cows appear to be such gentle animals and interact with people Thanks Dennis. A change from still life Thank you Margaret. I admit, the legs work when viewed from a distance. Thank you Louise. The paper is 30x22’’ soa bit like working on a larger oil painting. Thank you Sylvia. Those expressions are so appealing. Hello Barry . I get a bit carried away with large brushes and forget to leave the whites.

Thank you Cesare. I agree with comments about the legs and they do work when viewed from a distance. Thank you Maureen Im pleased that you like it Hello Frank. I have such admiration for farmers . I really think they have a raw deal.

Like this very much Diana. See nothing wrong with the legs.

It's very clever Diana, and your other posting.

Hang on Studio Wall

Full sheet watercolour. The legs area looks rather dull and there are areas which would have benefited frm more saved paper whitest

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