par de deux

par de deux

I approve of the sentiment - would approve even more if you could show the horns catching him where it hurts most....

Beautiful colors!.. The idea is great, the positions are fabulous. Very well done!

i agree with A F Branco. the firery colours really add to the atmosphere . They really stand out well against the dark back ground. Great painting, well done !

Hang on Studio Wall

The bull's revenge! Painted on canvas with acrylic, Notice the deliberate mistake? The horns are meant to curve together, but I wanted a line to point to the matador so changed the horn at the back - artistic license! I painted the cape in bright colours, then took a deep breath and scumbled it back, in the top left corner with "a dusty effect" so that the viewer's attention is drawn down to the drama about to take place. The composition of the painting took a lot of thought and planning, before I started to paint it. I draw big abstract shapes, allocating the space and tweaking it, before I draw the items in. More can be seen at VIR2L-ARTSTUDENT.COM under Drawing, Composition.

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