Pastels 1

Pastels 1

Brilliant. Would love to see more. What paper are you using?

Love this as always find cats difficult to do

Great stuff. But what is your paper and what make of pastel pencils are you using?

I am working on Daler Rowney's Murano pastel paper which comes in a huge selecyion of colours, and I use a variety of pastel pencils. I find that they all have different qualities but Conte seem to break less when sharpened than most. Finding a decent sharpener is a challenge and the best tip is to buy a lot of very cheap sharpeners and discard then often and a lot!

I find white very hard to stand out on pastel especially after I have used other shades/colours. It seems to burnish rather than highlight and take on the colour I am highlighting over. I am using Daler/Rowney. What white pencil was that , was it Conte?

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Pastel techniques see more at VIR2L-ARTSTUDENT.COM

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