Flowers in cut glass vase

Flowers in cut glass vase

A lovely painting; how did you get that raised effect on the petals - if just with carefully applied washes, it's really impressive.

I was wondering tehsame; the edges look 3D. A really beautiful painting and what an exciting background

Ahhh...the secret is out! I first paste around the edges with a paste, allow it to dry then paint on top. you can see the video of this technique at VIR2L-ARTSTUDEWNRT.COM, under Acrylics....I created this on line teaching techniques video website so that those who cannot get to see me demonstrate my way of painting, can view my hand painting...

I had looked at your Video Dee before looking at your painting which is absolutely gorgeous I might add. So I already knew your secret. Smashing.

Hang on Studio Wall

I work on canvas with watercolour then seal it with a water soluable varnish, that way I get the fragility of the petals

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