Lone Elephant

Lone Elephant

An interesting experiment! I like the soft earthy hues and the dreamy quaility. A lovely collage of impressions :-)

Very nice technique and painting. I would have called it spirit of the land. Great work.

This is so special.... thanks.

excellent painting , captures the heavyness of an elephant

Posted by nry kmv; on Mon 09 Nov 14:37:51

This is so creative; all emerging from the mist I love it!

A wonderful painting and thanks for the description on how you achieved this work...how wonderful go get the paper onto the board in one piece especially what we would call in Australia 300gpm

A wonderful watercolour, love the mistyness of it enhanced by the colours you've used.

All I can say is I love this and Paul's title is great too - thanks for explaining your painting process

You really have captured the elephant his smashing, what a great way to do a painting, I love it.

Your paintings are awsome! I love your work.

Hang on Studio Wall

This was a very experimental watercolour painting. I soaked the 140 lb paper for about half an hour, then slid a board under it, to prevent it from disintergrating. I dropped paint onto the saturated surface and waited (forever!) to see what shapes emerged. It's like looking at clouds and seeing shapes. I saw an elephant so gradually added more colours as the paper dried out, to bring out the image of the elephant. I added some buffaloes and birds to balance the composition, and of course some baboons, as I once had a pet baboon...called Mona Lisa!

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