Wow, I like this. beautiful combination of blues and media. Gorgeous.

Now this is art. Not a photographic copy of the flowers which is all I can do but a genuine portrayal of how they feel with real life and movement.

Thank you! just keep practising and walk a little bit away from reality....does it matter if the petal doesn't really turn the way it does? And maybe you can change the leaf and put it where the painting needs it...

Hi Dee. I love this loose but very structered painting with watercolour/acrylic mediums. I have never seen any art with that combination before. Very impressed with the mediums used, looseness and style.

Thanks Paul. It was an experiment that worked! I was demonstrating at Patchings a few years ago, and was given some paste to try out. I used a painting knife to model the edges of the flowers, allowed it to dry, then, as I only had Ultramarine in my acrylics set, I used my watercolours - not knowing whether it would work or not! I was delighted to see it did and ever since then I have been panting ontop of paste with watercolours, acrylics, inks, pastels - I even use it under oils I am doing some workshops with the various mediums next year. You can get the details from my website http://VIR2L-ARTSTUDENT.COM or email me via this site. best regards Dee.

Hang on Studio Wall

Working on canvas I used acrylic mediums and watercolour

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