Colour Trial- A Village Corner

Colour Trial- A Village Corner

What a difference in depth etc. Very useful method, I suggested this on the forum to someone who was ready to put paint on but was a little nervous. It's a good tool for trying things out.

Nice idea, lovely sketch.

It is a great idea David. I like the colour version as much as the sketch.

Just lovely.

That's quite a good idea David, I did have a go at that myself a while back, nice sketch anyway.

I'm just getting into portrait, and yes Marjorie suggested this method of printing from the original to me. It's not so daunting and you can experiment with washes. So I'm a convert. Lovely painting/drawing, David.

Lovely colours, David.

Thank you all for your supportive comments. And I thought I'd invented a revolutionary new technique! The colours are, in fact, my 3 core colours of Ultramarine, Burnt Sienna & Raw Sienna, plus Alizarin Crimson.

Love the different greens. And the directness and liveliness.

Hang on Studio Wall

This is a Colour Trial using my method of scanning an A5 pen sketch into the computer, then printing off an A4 copy on cartridge paper. The cartridge paper copies can be used to paint different colour sketches for a watercolour painting, whilst still keeping the original sketch unpainted. Notes on the colours used are jotted on the back of each A4 Colour Trial.

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