David Whitehead



I have always loved the British landscape – walking in it, photographing it and now, since early retirement, painting it in watercolour. I prefer to paint in the field and have experienced all the difficulties the British weather can present to a painter, from the sun drying the paint on the brush to ice crystals forming in the sky wash! I also paint at home from sketches done on regular travels around the UK, particularly the Suffolk coast. My regular painting locations range from the fields and woods of Higher Poynton to the Peak District and Staffordshire moorlands, as I love any remote area of countryside, particularly moors and estuaries. My influences are the English impressionist watercolourists, such as Edward Wesson, Edward Seago and James Fletcher-Watson, and I try to capture in my painting an impression of how it felt to be in that place at that time. Recent commissions include 25 local landscapes for a Peak District Inn, and a "Moorland Farm" demo article for Leisure Painter's online Bonus Newsletter. My book "A Painter's Dozen" is available from Amazon at £8.99.