Zaina My Daughter


Beautiful portrait, Carole! Zaina Must be so happy to have such a Mom! Nicely painted… especially, I love the reflection in the eyes.

Carole, I like the cut off pose. It’s a lovely portrait.

What a beautiful painting of your evidently beautiful daughter, Carole! Her eyes are magnetic! I think lips are hard to do at that angle but you've got them well! And as always, the signature depth of colours! I could look at this all day! Fabulous, my friend; much love and God bless, Andy 🙂🙏❤️xx

Thank you so much for such a generous comment Manoj. Don’t know about Zaina being happy. Somehow we never seem to please our children. Thank you Marjorie. Sometimes we just have to paint a particular image that shouts out to us. You are a breath of fresh air Andrew and I bask in your very lovely comments of which I feel very honoured to receive from you.

A truly beautiful portrait. So we’ll painted!!!

Amazing painting Carole. Such vibrant colours for pastels and expert use of them.

Super Carole. I love the way you have captured that far away look.

Beautiful, Carole,

Great portrait Carole, lovely looking girl!

Very colourful and her brown eyes are incredible

Very many thanks David, Val-Irene, David, Lesley, Carole, and Faye. Always lovely to hear from you all.

A great portrait, beautifully painted eyes.

Painted with your signature vibrancy and light Carole. Those eyes are really good.

A very vibrant portrait, Carole.

A beautiful portrait Carole, your daughter must be very proud of you.

Lovely and a fantastic expression - super eyes!

Super portrait, love the close composition, Carole

It's a striking portrait Carole, and you've certainly captured that wistful look in those beautiful eyes.

A beautiful portrait, Carole and with her lovely expression -excellent!

Thank you so much Paul, Diane, Ron, Denise, Heather, Thalia, Russell and Anne for such motivational comments. I so much appreciate your encouragement.

Beautiful eyes Carole, I wonder what her thoughts were.

Amazing lifelike portrait Carole you have captured a real person.

Many thanks Fiona and Audrey for thos comforting comments.

What a beautiful portrait Carole. I love her expression and especially her eyes. Lovely colours as usual.

Fabulous portrait Carole, the colouring is so warm I can almost feel the sun shining down on your beautiful daughter.

Wow, you have done it so beautifully, love the way you have done her eyes, nose, lips, light on the face. Absolutely stunning.

This is a lovely portrait of Zaina , I admire how you paint in pastels Carole such beautiful colours and her eyes are amazing.

Many thanks for commenting so beautifully Christine, Katy, Romila and Gillian.

I love the expression you have captured, I bet she’s very happy with it.

Carole you have really developed your own style of portrait painting- the colours really stand out - real skill!

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I caught Zaina’s far away expression while She was walking along the beach and had to attempt to capture that moment. Was going to paint this in oils but decided on pastels, as I am a bit pushed for time these days. Pastel pencils and soft pastels on pastel paper. 12” x 16”

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