In an Apple Orchard (oil pastels)


Fabulous! Love the colours you have used!

Beautifully colourful Carole. Love the reds and oranges against the blues and greens. It says “sunshine”. You’re doing some great work with oil pastels.

Super work Carole.

Like this a lot Carole. Great work. Love the background colors too!

Fabulous colours, of course, Carole, and interesting move away from the literal, to produce a deeply satisfying image; lovely; much love and God bless 🙂🙏❤️

Beautiful, bright, and very appealing, Carole, I also found oil pastels work and blend easier on canvas board too.

Lovely Carole, such vibrant colours

Such vibrant colours Carole, lovely pastel.

This is so vibrant Carole!!

It sounds an interesting process, and a great vivid result.

Beautiful colours, Carole - love that spot of magenta!

Vibrant is the keyword here Carole, fabulous indeed!

Lovely colourful pastel Carole.

Wow so bright and colours 😍

Thank you so much W everyone for your lovely comments. They are so heart warming and very much appreciated.

Full of life and colour - you have really mastered oil pastels and they really suit your style of painting Carole.

I love this Carole- so colourful and vibrant

Vibrant colours, great job.

A painting filled with sunshine - beautifully colourful apples and graceful branches!

So uplifting, the colours and subject beautiful Carole.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support and kind comments Shaun, Rachel, Bryan, Anne and Carole.

Super vivid colours in this Carole.

Beautiful and vibrant Carole, love that zing of pink on the main apple. You’ve cracked the oil pastels I think Carole!

I don't have the vocabulary to add anything different to the comments already made Carole, suffice to say I agree with everyone of them and that I like it - a lot!

So vibrant and modern looking. A super painting.

Thank you so much for your generous input David, Fiona, Maureen, Russell and Val. Very much appreciated 😀😀😀😘

Excellent, great job with oil pastels you have done Carole

Brilliant work, Carole, it's worked really well

Many thanks Romulo & Thalia for such lovely comments.

Bright and cheerful lots to like

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Photos and sketches from an apple orchard near my home. Oil pastels on canvas board in Spain. Have found this the best surface to use so far. The board had several layers of gesso then a blue, acrylic background. Bought some very cheap oil pastels in Spain, so didn’t have the luxury of my Sennelier pastels. Used Faber Castell pencils to tidy up. Found the OP’s reacted robustly to the surface. Moved paint around with a shaper and fingers. Not a very finished piece but enjoyed the process. 12” x 10”.

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