Lesson from Camille

Lesson from Camille

I like it, Mick. Like Pisarro's work too. (I also thought that's what spouses were for!!!)

Posted by Ann Cook on Fri 31 May 09:16:12

Yes the people will have to crawl through that door.....what fun, but the chimneys and roof tops are great, nice limited palette.

Very nice though despite the door. Hope you're ear feels better. It really is hard to just let go and say finished that's why I did my painting a day for a month. I didn't have a choice to carry it on until the death.

Hang on Studio Wall

Quick doodle from a section of a painting by Pisarro. Looks like I've got the figures a bit big, or the wrong place, or the door too small. Mind you the door and windows didn't appear in the Pissarro, I just bunged em in cos I couldn't stop fiddling until the missus came along and gave me a thick ear for messing it up:-) Derwent tinted charcoal, Faber-Castell Pitt pastel pencils, Rowney hard pastel on sketching cartridge, drawing siz 6"x4" nominal.

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