Latton Street

Latton Street

One of your best. Beautiful

Love the colours and the sense of recession, makes me feel like I'm walking through the lanes and fields myself, and the history of the place is so interesting - what a good way of recording your memories Mick.

Don't know about Doug Eaton, but you do seem to have channelled Cézanne, with the painting still being very much your own. I also think this is one of your best.

Certainly not failed in producing a lively, colourful, striking painting. Excellent stuff Mick!

Love the patch work effect....verging on cubism. Nice to have memory paintings.

Interesting use of colour here Mick - makes you feel good just looking at this!

Fabulous colours Mick!

Thanks for the visits and comments All. Robert, like Cezanne, praise indeed,, well I think it was Picasso who said words along the lines - the father of us all. If only I had 1% of cezzane's ability, heaven indeed. best Mick

I love this! Delicate yet very striking

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Fooling around painting from couple of black and white photos I took in 1958 whan I was 10, one of the photos had my old mate, Larry Lamb, in it, his dad owned the chippy in the Hatch. I suppose I was trying to get something like a Doug Eaton effect, failed miserably. This is Latton Street, one of the Harlow's original roads. it runs several miles from Latton Common, down to the River Stort. The track on the right is where I used to walk to school, the bushes on the right have been bulldozed and there is a little sheltered accomadation estate there. The houses on the left are part of a new town housing estate, Blackbush Spring, beyond them is the football field, 2 pitches and a cricket pitch, beyond that the Stow shopping Centre, in 1958, it was the main one. Over the hedgerow on the left is a little shopping Hatch, 5 shops, Burgoyne Hatch, I remember that in the 50s the hedge was filled with thick vines of old man's beard, wild clematis. I used to live just beyond the green in front of the hatch, my mum still does, probably about this time they were putting in the footings for the Purple Emperor pub, just next to the Hatch. Rowney soft pastels on Sennelier pastel card, antique white, image size 15"x11"

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