Coldham Again

Coldham Again

Hehe know exactly what you mean Mick about getting bored and losing interest at times when trying to do things on the computer, more of your super tree work in this and great colours as well

Alan did you a favour. This is great. I have the same problem. I don't know if I have the software to adjust colours etc. I find that my camera picks up reds and pinks and makes my paintings of faces more pink than they are ....

Thanks for the visits and comments Ros and Gudrun. Ros, I fear that my tree work is coming a bit stereotyped, formulaic. Ah, Gudrun, I already knew the first upload was wrong, but as I said, I had lost interest in the thing, and couldn't be bothered. This one is only marginaly better, the red is a bit less sasturated, but it still ain't right to the painting, but the painting is crap, so are the uploads, I ain't spending anymore time on the uploads, or tarting up the painting. Best Mick

Hang on Studio Wall

Alan O, made some valid observations on the forum post about the other upload of this, so I've made a few adjustments to my computer copy to bring the photo back to more resemble the original painting by toning down the saturation on the red. This ain't cheating we all know that original to computer to site are different and the photos or scans need adjusting to get back to the original. I was just heavy handed with the first upload cos I became fed up with the thing and lost interest.. best Mick

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