Kingsdon Lane, Sort Of.

Kingsdon Lane, Sort Of.

Great story about how you came to do this one Mick, lovely and bright and love that tree and the building in the midst of your style n the rest of the scene

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When I lived at Harlow, there was a rather affluent area, or should that be effluent:-) called Kingsdon Lane. It had Margo and Gerry type houses, at the head of the lane was Kingsdon Hall, where , I believe, the head of the Gilbey's gin empire lived, now I think it is a pre-school nursery. I haven't seen the area since the mid 90s, so this is on very dodgy memory. As kids, we used to go fishing in the mill pond at the end of the lane, hence its old name of Mill Lane. The area on the left has now been bulldozed to make a new area of Harlow, King's Langley. In keeping with the area, some of the more stuck up residents give their address as, King's Langley, near Harlow, Essex. In painting this I found that I am better at growing bonsai junipers, rather than painting junipers. Rowney soft pastel, Faber-Castell Pitt pastel pencils on Clairefontaine pastelmat, buttercup, original image size 11"x9"

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