Silt Road

Silt Road

What's with this new legislation hoo ha! Seen it mentioned on other sites but that was more about restrictions on work uploaded to online auction sites, anyway, this is a super pastel landscape Mick with your bright and boisterous use of colours, love the leaning fence!

Thanks for the visit and comment Ros. The legislation is designed to allow picture researchers to get free images froim the Internet. They only need to make a quick search (the proposals, suggest a dilligent search; however, there is no legislation of how dilligent) to find the copyright owner, if they 'can't' they are free to use whatever image is the root of their search. It has been debated by artists and photographers for a long time, especially posting stuff on sites that strip exif data from images, it is a 'hoo ha to be taken seriously. It may be flattering to have your work used, until you realise that there is no acknowlegement or payment, you have worked hard for any Tom, Dick, or Harry to steal your work and get it for free. Try here, best Mick

Lovely colours in this Mick

Thanks for the visit and comment Glennis. best Mick

Hang on Studio Wall

Painting based on several photos I took when I could walk along the Upwell Road and take pics. Silt Road, runs off on the left of the Upwell Road, on the way out of March to, well, Upwell. The landscape in Cambridgeshire is boringly flat and the roads are boringly straight, especially around March. I borrowed some contour for the landscape, and a curve to the road from some of my old photos of hollidays in Suffolk. In view of the recent descussions in the forum, about the new legislation, I tried to add a copyright watermark to this, but it stuck out like a sore thumb, and even when I reduced the opacity of the layer it either was non-existent or still intruded. I have reduced the save quality level from 12 to 7 and hope that makes a copyproof (as if anyone would wish to copy it) but acceptable, viewable pic. Rowney soft pastel, carbon pencil, Derwent charcoal pencils, and a thick Cumberland PRIMEX sketching pencil, perhaps this should have been mixed media:-) on Clairefontaine pastelmat, light grey, original image size 11"x9" nominal.

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