Superb Brian, the way you capture the light in your paintings is just brilliant and this is spectacular. Oh and I love Disney!

Beautifully put together Brian. It works well. If you wish upon a star🎶🎶🎶🎶

Nice work Brian. Well painted and works the imagination.

Thank you very much indeed, Russell, John, Jim and Maureen, for the highly encouraging comments. Appreciated. I've loved Disney all my life, Russell, and still marvel at the early animation. One of the best songs ever! John. *smile* Great to read "imagination" Jim. Thanks for the "beautiful" Maureen. Best to all Bri

Enchanted indeed.

Thank you very much, Shirley and Dennis, for the kind and supportive comments. Much Appreciated. Bri

Fanciful, but you've kept it realistic to a certain degree Brian, nice imaginative work.

Thank you very much, Alan, for the astute comments. Much appreciated, as always. I quite agree with your assessment. I marked this down as representational realism and thought it had almost cartoon characteristics. It's always interesting to see where the imagination will take me; like up the garden path. *smile* Bri

Very dramatic effect Brian . I love the look of light through the trees! You have a good imagination.

What a stunning image Brian. You are so talented.

Wonderful atmosphere Brian, and the cascading rays of light are striking.........

Thank you very much, Tessa and Carolyn, for the kind and generous comments. Appreciated. I've been playing around with light recently, so I'm very pleased the images are having the desired effect. Best to both Bri

We must've cross-posted, Michael. Thank you very much for the warm comments and the especially the nod towards the light. Much appreciated. Bri

Magical painting Brian, it's another wow from me. I looked at this on my phone earlier but wanted to see it on the laptop to get the full effect and it's beautiful. The light is splendid and I love it! I wouldn't call it Disney at all.

Wow, Margaret! What an amazing review. Thank you very much indeed for the highly encouraging comments. Put a big smile on my face, you did. I'm so pleased the light's working because it's essentially a study in light. Thanks for mentioning it. Bri

I keep looking for the elves Brian but they are elusive beings and I’ve had no luck so far. It’s a beautiful painting probably a collection of all the lovely visual memories that you have stored in your mind during walks and visits to the woods.

That could well be it, Barry, that and my love for Disney, Tolkien and Middle Earth. *smile* Thank you very much for the great comments. Appreciated, as always. Bri

works beautifully Brian - and i love the light!

Thank you very much, Margaret, for the kind comments. I've only just seen this reply so sorry for the tardy response. I'm delighted you liked the light. Thanks for letting me know. Bri

enchanted indeed, this is beautiful and right up my street.

Hang on Studio Wall

Oil on canvas, 50 x 40 cms. This is a fictional woodland path, one from my own imaginings, which accounts for the Disney look. LOL

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