The Footpath

The Footpath

excellent work Brian

That was quick! Thank you very much, David and Maureen, for the kind and encouraging response to this painting. Appreciated. Bri

Wonderful result Brian, a great effect achieved.

So fresh! Excellent Brian! I couldn't help but chuckle when I read your bio. Close family and friends, particularly the spouses have sometimes interesting reactions to the wake of creativity in their loved ones. Unfortunately, most of the time they think they know better and they have to "help you" by making comments that sometimes are totally ignorant and other times are down right hurtful. I have a sister and her hubby like that! They have no clue about painting but boy, oh boy, do they want to "help me" to get better. My sister usually comes up with this "expert" comparison to some masters or certain art style and her husband would say something like: "yeah, it's great but the left ear of the dog should be bigger." However, my son is honest and usually says that he has no clue about art but he loves some of my paintings and other he does not and that's fair and square. My son, till this day can't forgive me that without asking him I gave away one of his favorite paintings which I didn't know he liked so much. Oooops!

Love the light through that middle tree Brian, Winter wonderland.

Thank you very much, Alan and Jola, for the super replies. Appreciated. Delighted you liked the end result, Alan. I retouched the trees, shadows and snow then added the footprints. Took longer than I expected. What an amazing and entertaining response to this painting, Jola. I thoroughly enjoyed your tale and feel heart sorry for your son. If only he'd said. Incidentally, my wife usually tells me ALL my paintings, pastels, drawings and poems are rubbish!! BUT, she tolerates my enthusiasm, bless her. Jack (son), on the other hand, always looks and comments, often with very positive comments. It's a cool balance. *smile* I looked at your gallery btw, and thought it was super. Beautiful dog and wonderful ladybird series. Loved the landscape too. Best to both Bri

Thank you very much, Carole, for the kind comments. Always appreciated. Yes, this is an exercise in light, with the added mystery of the footpath, which is created by feet every time the snow settles. I hoped the viewer would wonder where the walkers were from, and where they were walking to on such a cold day as this. Bri

Another beautiful image Brian - I like this a lot.

Thank you very much indeed, Margaret, for the highly encouraging comment. I'm so glad you liked this walk in the woods. Bri

Your colours are so good I can feel the crispness of the snow on a cold winter morning, so sunny and bright, you need your sunglasses on :-)

Good Painting with such a limited palette Bri; love the texture. A complex subject made to look simple.

Beautifully crisp Brian, another winter woodland to wander around.

Thank you very much, Linda, Geoff and Fiona, for the supportive and generous comments. Appreciated. Aye, it's a bright one, this little number, Linda. It's currently drying on my bedroom wall, on my side of the bed. Yes, it's a limited palette, Geoff, using predominantly titanium white, cad yellow, cobalt and Prussian blue, and the usual mix for a dark brown/black. That's it. *smile* Just follow the footprints, Fiona, and see where the path leads. If I was there I'd be full of curiosity and would be bound to follow the trail. Couldn't resist. *lol* Best to all Bri

Really like this Brian. Actually walking on a cold clear day can be really invigorating, just as long as the snow isn't too deep. I love the way the light shines through the trees too. Perhaps you should pass on our comments on your paintings to you wife!

Thank you very much, Sandra, for the great comments and a hoot of a response. It put a wry smile on my face. I'm so pleased you liked the light, and I quite agree about walking in the snow, especially virgin snow, when it's deep and crisp and even. (Too early for carols) Actually, on a serious note, freshly fallen snow is lovely to walk through, right up until the point you get cold. After that it's a torment. I tend not to ask for an opinion when it comes to any of my work and surreptitiously do my own thing, often hanging a painting here and a painting there, quietly tootling along. *smile* Delighted you liked. Thanks for letting me know. Bri

The light is blinding Brian, fantastic painting yet again

This really is atmospheric Brian. New snow followed by clearing skies and bright sunshine. The footsteps tell us that this is an isolated area normally and that gives an air of peace and quiet about it. Lovely work.

Top notch Brian!

Thank you very much indeed, Russell, Jim and Thalia, for the wonderful comments. Much appreciated. Ah, Russell, the delights of light never cease to amaze me. Thanks for the "blinding". That was good to read. Great to read that the peace and quiet is coming through, Jim. Every picture tells a story. I'll take "top notch" any day of the week, Thalia. *grin* Best to all Bri

Stunning painting Bri, I've just had a look at all three snow scenes and each and every one is so beautiful. You are like a magician with the light!

Abracadabra, and there was light! *LOL* Thank you very much, Margaret, for the super visit and comments. Much appreciated. I'm absolutely delighted you liked the other snow scenes. Thanks for letting me know. Bri

The luminosity of the light through the trees is magnificent Brian. The trouble is it makes me shiver it's so immediate and I dread the thought of winter ahead.

Thank you very much, Carole and Carolyn, for the great comments. Appreciated. Not to worry just yet, Carole, autumn has only just begun to show her head, so the snow will have to wait. I'm so pleased the light is working and delighted that you told me. Bri

Just come across this in your gallery Brian. I love it- the light, the colours- beautiful!

Than you very much, Christine, for the generous reply to "The Footpath". I was surprised to see another comment, but the surprise was very welcome. Much appreciated. Bri

Hang on Studio Wall

Oil on canvas 40 x 30 cms, the final version of "Lit Up", which now includes footsteps through the snow, as mentioned in an earlier thread. I now have three footsteps in the snow paintings, and this will be the last one. Promise.

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