Marsden Rock from the clifftop.

Marsden Rock from the clifftop.

Fabulous skies!

Great sense of the ocean and sky. Splendid.

Thanks Heather, for the kind comment. Appreciated. This is an interesting view as you can clearly see where the steps to the top used to be. In 1903 a choir of boys climbed to the top of the rock to give a performance to the waiting crowd. The advent of Health and Safety saw the end of the famous stairs. Bri

We must've cross-posted, Stephen. Thank you very much for the generous comments. Much appreciated. Bri

That's a great sky Bri and lots of movement in that sea especially the foamy foreground.

Excellent work, Brian. You always get a great sense of weather in your paintings...the sea darkening under the threatening clouds, and the feeling of a blustery day.

Thank you very much for the kind comments, Val. I reckon this painting counts as one for the July sky challenge, even August's, given the number of times I've had a crack at this subject. lol One of the great things about painting is how it makes you see the world through fresh eyes, I find. Bri

Thank you very much, Lew, for the super comments. It was a particularly blustery day on the clifftops where the wind surged up the cliff face with an impressive force. How the gulls cope is beyond me. Bri

Love this one Brian it is so alive and puts one right there. The clouds are marvelously done as is the sky to the right. Your sea looks splendid, and the foamy water after the wave has broken looks very real. Well done! Paul

Love everything in this painting - the sky and the fabulous foaming sea.

Thank you very much, Paul and Christine, for the kind and generous comments. Much appreciated. You can write all of my reviews and critiques. lol Best to both Bri

Can taste the salt Bri excellent

Love this Brian, especially that sea foam in the foreground which is magnificent. I also love that stretch of pink on the right. The white flecks are a great contrast against those steely blues.

Thank you very much, Dennis and Carole, for the amazing comments. Always appreciated, as you know. I must admit, I actually quite like this one, which isn't always the case. Delighted the pink was having an effect, Carole. Best to both Bri

Lovely painting, interesting to see how another artist views my boyhood coastline. I miss the ocean and it's good to see it in your paintings. Many thanks.

Instantly recognised as one of yours Bri and it's simply fabulous!

Thank you very much indeed, Keith and Russell, for the brilliant comments. I'm absolutely delighted. Keith, it was my boyhood haunt as well. I was born and brought up in South Shields, not too far away from Trow Rock, spending many a summer diving from the rock at high tide. I spent much of my teens living at Cauldwell, near the Readhead Park. Great to read that you liked this view of Marsden Rock. Very kind of you Russell. I smiled when I read that you recognised the style. I've posted an updated version, where I've changed the water on the right-hand side and added one or two minor details to the surf in general. I'm finished now, though. Best to both Bri

What a nice thing to say, Margaret. Thank you very much. Bri

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510 mm X 410 mm, oil on canvas. My fifth painting in the series, this one from the Marsden Grotto car park, where the grass is never cut.

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