Jack, Pat and Nell at Trow Rock (nudged)

Jack, Pat and Nell at Trow Rock (nudged)

Lovely family memento, Brian.

Thank you very much, Seth, for the kind comment. Appreciated. Brian

That looks super Brian, the water looks wonderful and I wouldn't mind having a paddle myself now as it's still so very warm! I like your pastel painting very much, the wet sand is so good and the sky looks a beautiful blue.

This is just the ticket Brian......a super pastel and a memory recorded to look back on. I agree with Margaret about the wet sand and shallow water, so well done.

Thank you very much INDEED, Margaret and Fiona. for the really encouraging comments. I'm so pleased this one's not so bad because it was a lovely day. Pat, Roger, Nell the dog, Gerard, Phil, Jack, Soph, Katherine, Di and myself all trooped to the beach for a jolly jaunt. Super day out and lots of photos to work with. I'll use different paper for the next one, though as I'm not so keen on the honeycomb effect. Best to both Brian

Well Brian, this caught my eye immediately. The colours are lovely, you've caught the feel of the summer's day. Great reflections too. Re the Canson paper, I usually use the back of the paper because I'm not as keen on the obvious texture either, tho' I forgot when I started the Dunstanburgh one but just continued. Keep going with the pastels for a while, I am going to - it's so much quicker!

I forgot to ask you which shade of paper you used - I'm guessing it's a warm one.

Thank you very much, Marjorie, for the great comments. Pleased it caught your eye, delighted in fact. I could give it a nudge or two here and there but now think I'll save it for the next one. The fine details are tricky for me , mainly because I have no pastel pencils, and the Rembrandt soft pastel loses its edge quickly. There are a few Unisons in my box but not many. My paper is actually white, 50% cotton, 32 x 24 cms (12.6 ins x 9.4 ins), £9.48 for 16 sheets. I'll remember to use the back of the paper. Good tip. I'm SO glad I tried this, because I can now justify my pastels' existence. *LOL* Brian

That's great Brian, I'm particularly impressed with the wet sand, beautifully done.

Some superb passages in this piece Brian, wonderful blue's also.

Lovely work Brian . Feel like diving in the sea.

Thank you very much indeed, Lewis, Alan and Dennis, for the warm and encouraging comments. Appreciated. I noticed how I was applying some oil techniques to parts of this painting, and that feels like a step in the right direction.The sand is a case in point, where I was able to work with layers and blending to attempt to find the right colours. The figures need some work and there are one or two areas that could stand a nudge, but it's nearly there. Didn't really see them until this morning. Pleased you fancied getting your toes wet, Dennis. *smile* Best to all Brian

I really like the way you’ve got the sand and water reflections Brian, very well done.

It's a beautiful scene of the North East coast, having been brought up near to Redcar and Saltburn I know just how cold that North sea gets, you can feel it in this painting, I think it's the blue of the sky which you can get on a really cold day, love it !!!

Thank you very much, Tessa, for the supportive and encouraging comments. Appreciated. I've made a few changes to the figures and have nudged one or two other areas since posting, so I'll try to post an update by replacing the image later. Best Brian

Thanks, Linda! I think we cross-posted when I was replying to Tessa. It's so true about the North Sea and the incredible blue of the sky on the North East coast. I rarely see that crisp and startling blue anywhere else. I've changed/nudged the figures since posting and made one or two minor changes to the sea, sand, rocks and sky. I'll see if I can post an updated image without reposting. IE Swap this one for the new one. It doesn't look much different, just a bit clearer. I went for a curry in Redcar when I was a student, decades ago (aargh!!). One of my pals lived there. The Light of Asia was the name, I think. Great curry. Thanks again Brian

Beautiful - what a great scene, captured perfectly.

Thank you very much, Shaun, for the kind comments. Appreciated. Brian

Colourful pastel Brian, a lovely to remind you of you birthday.

Thanks, Carole, for the kind comments. Appreciated. I'm working on my pastel technique and intend to complete a series based around the photos taken on this day. With a bit of luck things can only get better. *lol* I'm going to use the reverse side of this kind of paper for the next one, as per Marjorie's suggestion. It helps to get a smoother painting/image. Brian

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Pastel impression on Canson 160 g/m2 / 75 lb. I painted this from a photo I took at Trow Rock, South Shields, on my 60th birthday, May 5th this year. It shows my son, Jack, cousin Pat and her dog Nell. The tide was low and weather superb, so a small crowd of us went to the beach for a walk and paddle before the party. It was a wet afternoon and very wet night. The North Sea was absolutely freezing, as usual, for this time of year. (any time of year, actually) Marjorie told me to get my pastels out so you can blame her. *lol*

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