Descending from the Kirkstone Pass

Descending from the Kirkstone Pass

Super painting, Brian.

This is wonderful. . ..I love the light! I've had a look through your gallery. You are a talented artist. I particularly enjoyed your painting of Striding Edge. . . Your seascapes, too.

No issues here Brian, very dramatic and well painted piece.

Thanks you very much, Seth, Helen and Alan, for the generous comments. Always appreciated. I'm delighted you enjoyed my gallery, Helen, and pleased as punch that you told me. Thanks for that. I was working on this one at the same time, Alan. It's a rare thing for me to be painting three at once, but I wanted time to think, and I was waiting for your sketch. Thanks again for that btw, that was very kind of you. Best to all Brian

This is gorgeous Brian, love that dramatic sky.

Thank you very much, Margaret, for the kind comments. Ah yes, the sky is full of drama. It was the sky that initially caught my attention. Thanks for the thumbs up. Appreciated. Brian

Great sky Brian. Really like the textures. Lovely painting.

Thank you very much, Rachel The style is a bit of a departure for me so I'm really pleased the textures and thicker application are apparent. Thanks for that. Appreciated. Brian

This is so good Brian, the dark and brooding sky sets off the dramatic landscape of the lake district, and that touch of sunlight in the valley is a real treat and is that Ullswater in the distance?

Lovely work Brian, great painting. I know it's the Lake District, but I can almost imagine Brigadoon down there around the next bend. (-:

Thank you very much, Linda, for the super duper comments. *smile* I'm so pleased the central triangle of light is working. It contrasts well with that "brooding sky". Great comment. The lake is Windermere, with Ullswater being back up the road and down into another valley. The view to Ullswater is equally eye-catching btw, simply beautiful. Every time I return to the Lakes I find it difficult to believe I'm still in England. Thanks again for the very kind comments. Brian

Thanks for the great comments, Jim. Appreciated. Aye, Brigadoon's in the next valley. *smile* Actually, the Lakes and Scottish mountains are amazingly similar, as are the mountains of Snowdonia, so Brigadoon's not that far-fetched. Time passes very slowly, I hear. Brian

Moody and broody Brian, moody and broody - that's all I have to say!😊

Thank you very much, Marjorie, for the fabulously cryptic response to this painting. That's got to be my favourite critique, ever! *smile* Brian

Well, to elaborate, that's a wonderful sky, beautiful texture and full of light. The land beneath, lit up by the break in the clouds is equally interesting. Lovely painting.

Well, everyone has just about covered what makes this an exceptional painting Brian. It oozes drama and encapsulates the magnificence of the Lakes perfectly. Will you believe me if I tell you, that the couple who own the Kirkstone Pass Inn just happened to call for coffee with me yesterday? Isn’t that spooky! Lol

Great painting Brian love the spot of light of the lake and the light on the fells.

It's all been said ...fabulous painting ...hang on a minute..that not a Fiona tale is it ...I sense a story coming?!:)

Hey Marjorie! The first version had pizazz! The second is wonderfully analytical and very complimentary but the first was shooting from the hip. *LOL* Deeply appreciate both versions. Thank you very much indeed. Brian

Thank you very much Fiona, Willie and Sylvia, for the great comments. Appreciated. Your comments are too kind, Fiona, but lovely to read. I can't believe that your friends were/are the owners of the Kirkstone Pass Inn. I've been in there on more than one occasion and believe it's England's third highest pub. That is a truly amazing coincidence, to the point of being "spooky". Great to read about, though. *smile* Thanks for mentioning the hint of lake, Willie, and the lit up valley. Appreciated. You had me smiling here, Sylvia. Thanks for the great comments. Appreciated. Best to all Brian

Lovely work Brian, really captures the feel of this wonderful place.

Thanks a lot, Stephen, for the great comments. Appreciated. The Lake District is truly one of Britain's finest treasures. Brian

Great effect - wonderful light, Brian

Thank you very much for the kind comments, Maureen. Appreciated. Brian

They are actually retired, it’s their daughter and husband who run it now but they still own it. They have some great recorded history of the place, makes for fascinating reading.

Fascinating stuff, Fiona. If you'd said you'd only just been to the Inn that weekend, or something, I'd have been amazed, but to find out that you'd enjoyed coffee with the owners was incredible. The history of that building must be a treat to read, given its former status as a coaching inn. I enjoyed the coincidence. Best Brian

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This road connects the lakes of Ullswater and Windermere by way of the Kirkstone Pass. Leaving Patterdale you climb to the top of the pass, then descend to be greeted by this view. The route has the added advantage of playing host to the Kirkstone Pass Inn, a must for any thirsty traveller. The pass was named after a rock formation or glacial erratic, which resembles a gothic church; hence the Kirk Stone/ Church Stone. If you park in the Inn car park, the stone is a five minute walk down the hill. This was completed without an underpainting or pencil sketch, alla prima (ish), I returned the next day to add some highlights (ok, it wasn't alla prima at all). Oil on canvas 30 x 20 cms.

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