Tide Out at Faversham Creek 2

Tide Out at Faversham Creek 2

Really lovely, Barry, air of mystery and loose abstractions. Love it!

Lovely work great reflections Barry

Thank you Thalia and Dennis, had hold my breath and hope but I feel it’s worked always a gamble going back in with watercolour.

It has worked Barry and it does look early morning light, really lovely!

This is a really beautiful watercolour full of atmosphere

What you did has worked really well!

Thank you Margaret, Michael and Fiona it’s good when it works!!!!

I like this Barry particularly the dark masts against the softly painted cottages behind them.

Thank you Gina softening the cottages did work.

The progression from background to foreground is excellent, Barry, and the mood is definitely one of a fine early morning. Even the figures give it that day-has-just-begun feel. Gorgeous palette with beautiful splashes of colour in the foreground, your trademark. The reflections are simple but very effective. Great work and a super experiment. I bet you were holding your breath. LOL Bri

And your composition skills are always spot on Barry

Thank you Brian a very complimentary analysis which is appreciated. Thank you Dennis and Margaret if I can get the composition and atmosphere right I am well on the way.

It certainly has an early morning feel to it, I wouldn't call it a nearly painting & it works for me.

Thank you Brian it works for me now and the nearly bit was before I made the changes.

I love this, so atmospheric.

more fine work!

Posted by T H on Thu 14 Mar 22:20:49

It does as you say Barry, and mist is almost always around early mornings near water. Looks fine. Nice loose work.

Very atmospheric and inspirational painting Barry. I would like to go there and paint after seeing this.

It can pay to revisit old work Barry, this is excellent.

Thank you Jacky, Tim, Jim, Mark and Alan for your lovely comments. Mark I first came across Faversham Creek from watching a Herman Pekel dvd I had borrowed.

It’s beautiful, Barry.

Brilliant, Barry.

Thank you Ellen and Shirley.

Lovely work Barry and you’ve caught the mood perfectly the background figures and cars achieve it beautifully

Thank you Dermot much appreciated.

Hang on Studio Wall

I came across this one the other day I painted it about a year ago. When I looked at it I felt it was what I call a nearly painting and just lacked that little something. After some thought I decided to knock back the buildings in the background by wetting the surface and lifting out some of the paint. To my mind it gives it an early morning feel which I am attracted to and thought I would post it and see what others think.

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