Mudeford after Wesson tonal study

Mudeford after Wesson tonal study

Beautiful work Barry 👍

Love your delicate washes Barry and it works beautifully in monochrome.

Thank you Linda, Carole and Lewis.

Nice tonal work Barry, has that Wesson feel about it.

Really like this Barry. Instant appeal.

Thank you Stephen, Jim and Dennis.

Really like these tonal washes, lovely painting.

Damn good idea Barry, I often do as well. Cracking effort this is, top work.

Brilliant, Barry, and just as i remember Mudeford! Dived there years ago! Great tonal stuff!

Thank you Heather, Alan and Thalia wish I could say I always do tonal sketches but I am getting more disciplined.

A truly beautiful scene, Barry, with a calming and charming locale. I could look at this all day long. Bri

Thanks Brian I really appreciate such a nice comment.

I love sepia and this is amazing Barry !!

Very striking light, medium , dark study Barry and I like the loose way you have handled the boats. A jumble but so effective.

Hang on Studio Wall

Doing some tonal work just using sepia and ended up doing a quarter imperial of a Wesson. Although on poor quality paper I find it a good exercise to get my eye in and often use a simple tonal sketch when painting en Plein Air to check my composition and establish my tones.

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