In the Heat of the Day

In the Heat of the Day

Thank you Gudrun.

I'm liking this one a lot more Barry. You've removed that front figure! good move.

I like this, Barry. The shadows and composition are fabulous.

I love it, one day I hope I can paint like this.

Looking very good indeed, Barry. Excellent as is, can't wait to see the final result.

Thank you Alan, my thoughts were to move the focus to the figures at the far table and so I intensified the yellow ochre wash and left the figures white. Thank you Ellen I am pleased with those aspects of the painting as well.

This one is great, the illusion of heat is brilliant! Love it, Barry

Many thanks David, Lewis and Thalia, I still have some ideas around this subject and maybe I can improve on this which might mean I might not do this as my final painting Lewis.

Love this, Barry.

Thank you Seth much appreciated.

Great subjects as always and good sketch

Love the colours in the distance drawing your eye in.

Lovely work, Barry.

You certainly captured the heat in this painting, Barry.

Thank you Derek, Tessa, Cesare and Dawn for your comments.

Great painting. Really like this

Thank you very much Karen.

Thank you Maureen.

Hang on Studio Wall

Still playing around with this subject another preliminary sketch trying a different composition.

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