Those Were the Days!!!

Those Were the Days!!!

Yes Barry, I guess they were the days. As a nipper we used to take day trips to the seaside on the last of steam trains, grit in the eye is another memory. Fine piece of work.

Don't tidy anything up Barry, please... I love it as it is and I've seen so many decent pieces ruined. If you do give it another once over though I can rely on your expertise not to ruin it.

Beautiful Barry leave it alone mate Alan's right you'll lose the spontenaity and freshness. It's not easy to improve from that first impression

Thank you Lewis, Alan and Dennis, promise I will look at it for a few days and any changes will probably be minor.

What a beauty Barry I bet they really enjoyed the master at work and learned lots from you

Commuting at its finest Barry.

Looks great as it is Barry!

Truly down memory lane here! Absolutely fabulous! Bet they learned so much from watching the master at work...let's hope they put it into practice!

Those final dry brush lines add a lot of interest. Very effective steam Barry!

Posted on Tue 06 Mar 17:40:57

Beautiful work and good light and shadows, Barry.

Many thanks for all of your comments, hope the group enjoyed it as much as I did.

Everything there that matters Barry, lovely free looking painting.

I like it as it is - has a great first look effect

Thank you Carole and Maureen.

I love this Barry. It’s so full of life and atmosphere

Thank you Diana.

Hang on Studio Wall

What a day yesterday I traveled visited Dodford Art Group near Daventry and did two demonstration paintings. Both were half imperial on Bockingford extra rough paper. I must thank the members for making me most welcome the homemade cakes served during the break we’re fantastic. This painting was my second based onan old black and white photo done very quickly in about forty- forty five minutes. I will probably tidy things up but thought I would post it as the group saw it yesterday in its rawest state.

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