Willy Lott’s House

Willy Lott’s House

Excellent Barry. Classic scene.

Probably the most recognised cottage in the world Barry, excellent work.

Lovely work Barry.

Lovely painting again Barry

Such good lively brush work. Super watercolour Barry!

Great sense of atmosphere. I like it very much.

Wonderful painting, Barry, indeed worthy of the top line.

Beautiful work, Barry.

Another one for the top drawer, Barry. Excellent work. Bri

Got to be one of my favourites of yours Barry... and that's saying a lot as I like so very much of your work, Love it.

Lovely Barry! Love the limited palette.

This is such a refreshing version of a subject which can often be a bit sameish.

Wow not the response I expected from you all, I thought I had lost a bit of it’s freshness by overworking. My photo was taken during a period when the area wasn’t swamped with foliage and reeds which was its appeal for me. Thank you all I do value and appreciate your comments.

Like this a lot Barry, usually we see this view painted in summer, so this Autumn / Winter version works well.

Thank you Stephen, I agree this view wouldn’t be possible in the summer.

Great colours and brush marks, as usual.

A delightful cottage and lake with reflections, superb layout and colour palette too.

Many thanks to Maureen, Dorothy and Angela for your lovely comments.

You have injected freshness and vigour into a very familiar scene! Really lovely, and is that a ghostly face I see in the middle of the pond?

Thank you Kylia the ghostly face is not intended and Dennis always good to hear from you.

A beautiful classic scene, I admire your loose & fresh style Barry. The reflections have fascinating shapes.

Barry glad to have found your gallery. More chat in reply to your post re mine. My eye is drawn to this. I love it. Reminds me of John Hoar especially the trees. The last course I attended was him at Dedham. But the reflections in this are so good. Are you painting in the group with Steve, Chris and Jem Bowden. Sounds a great way to spend a day. Regards Alan

Thank you Alan, yes I am a member of the Dedham Exiles as we call ourselves. The palette on this is certainly similar to John’s but I hope the style is mine.

Hang on Studio Wall

Painted at art group from a photo I found that I had taken a while ago.

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I started painting in 2004, I am influenced by Wesson, Seago and many of the great masters, more recently I enjoy the work of Steve Hall, John Hoar and Alvaro Castignet to name but a few. I paint in a loose style and try to simplify as I can. The medium I enjoy most is watercolour but dabble with…

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